Fun Ways To Exercise When You Lack The Motivation

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I’m not the biggest fan of the concept of working out. I want to as there are tons of health benefits but the idea of going to a gym bores me and working out at home half the time never works. So how do you workout or exercise when you have little to no motivation? I’ve come up with a few things I like to do to try to get some exercise in that don’t really feel like exercise when you’re doing it.

  1. Walking tour of your city or a nearby city.
  2. Have a dance party in your living room.
  3. Try to learn the dance moves of one of your favorite music videos.
  4. Turn your chores into a workout.
  5. Practice yoga at home.
  6. Re-arrange your house. Trust me lifting and moving furniture will give you a workout and you get a refreshed looking place. I generally do this monthly or every other month. For no reason in particular other than I can’t stand when rooms are the same for too long.
  7. Go geocaching or hiking.
  8. If you have a dog, go to an off-lease dog park or open field and go running around together. Pixie loves this granted she would prefer it if you were also throwing a tennis ball at the same time.
  9. Play some ultimate Frisbee or golf with friends. This is a great alternative to exercise as you’re walking around, twisting your core to throw the Frisbee, and having fun with your friends.
  10. Take it old school and do some hula hooping.
  11. Go biking or roller blading/roller staking around your neighborhood.
  12. Play a sport with your friends like hockey, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc.
  13. Go horseback riding.
  14. Take some friends out bowling.
  15. Go play some laser tag, most places won’t let you run around but you’re at least moving around bunch.
  16. Learn how to rock climb.
  17. Play some wii sport games and actually move your body around instead of just flicking the remote. Or if you have XBox Kinnect, do some of those games since it actually tracks your body movement. I only have a wii so I have to go with those options.
  18. Go to a trampoline park and bounce around to your hearts content.
  19. Play catch with some friends moving farther and closer together each time so you’re staying mobile.
  20. Go ice skating in the winter or at an indoor ice arena if you have one around you.

What are some ways you try to workout that’s fun when you don’t really have any motivation to workout/exercise?

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