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If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know my holy grail hair care is Ovation, and it does last a while but the price tag is just a little too much for me at this time. So I decided I wanted to try something new: Function of Beauty. This is a company that creates unique shampoo and conditioner for your individual needs. They are cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, no toxins, and have free shipping. And designing your own unique hair care is a matter of three easy types… well four if you include the size/frequency of ordering.

Creating Your Own Formula

Step One: Select Your Hair Type

For this step you have to answer three super easy questions: hair type (straight, wavy, curly, coily), hair structure (fine, medium, coarse), and scalp moisture (dry, normal, oily). For my hair I put down wavy, medium, and normal.

Step Two: Hair Goals

Next you select five goals you want for your hair from the following list: deep condition, replenish hair, fix split ends, strength, hydrate, lengthen, volumize, color protection, thermal protection, anti-aging, anti-frizz, curl definition, shine, straighten, nourish roots, soothe scalp, or oil control. I decided to go with: deep condition, lengthen, color protection, thermal protection, and curl definition. As you select your goals it will give you a brief overview of what you hope to accomplish as well as the active ingredients that will be put into the product in order to achieve that goal. Going over just the five that I choose there wasn’t a single thing in the list that I couldn’t easily identify or pronounce. So just for example with the one I had developed, the active ingredients were the following: pea sprout extract, ginger root, sunflower, phospholipids, chestnut extract, argan oil, rosemary oil, linseed oil, grapeseed oil, shea butter, and quinoa protein. I especially love that these are all natural ingredients.

Step Three: Customize Your Formula

This step I think it is the coolest part of the entire process. You get to name your formula, pick what color both your shampoo and conditioner are, and what fragrance it has including how strong it is. Honestly I would order this multiple times just to get all the colors as they all look so gorgeous. I ended up going with a watermelon feel with teal shampoo and pink conditioner, and the essential oils (mint profile from eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, rosamary, peppermint, and spearmint oils). But I’m also kind of tempted on my next order down the road to try cucumber mint, grapefruit hibiscus, and sandalwood violet. Though I would be interested to know how they are getting the sandalwood.

Step Four: Size and Frequency

At this point you choose how much you want to receive and how often you get the product. For an 8 oz bottle of both shampoo and conditioner it is $36 while a 16 oz bottle of both is $46. Or for $42 you can pick an 8 oz bottle of one and a 16 oz bottle of the other. Or for $30 you can get a 16 oz both of either shampoo or conditioner. I chose the 16 oz bottles of both as that seemed like the best deal and knowing my hair/habits would last me the longest. As for frequency, you can sign up for a subscription of every month (recommended for long hair), every other month (recommended for shoulder-length hair), or every three months (recommended for short hair). This will get you 10% off your order, otherwise you can just order it one time. I did this option so I can test out the formula also so I can later mix and match the colors/fragrances. Plus I know I don’t go through a bottle that quickly.

Overall Thoughts

I would say it not as great as Ovation but I actually really like it. I do see improvement using this system so I would use this as a replacement of my previous one. The main differences besides there being one less bottle is that my hair doesn’t feel as noticeably soft right away as I do with the Ovation system. But it definitely restores my hair and makes it softer. But that wasn’t one of the goals I selected so that makes me totally fine with it.

If you want to try out Function of Beauty for yourself, I would highly recommend it.

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