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I really wanted to get back into the Goddess Collection as I had some time to finally sit down and create the looks that were in my head. So the first one in the continuation of the series is Gaia or Terra (depending on if you’re looking at Greek or Roman mythology, though they are one and the same). She is the goddess of the earth. So I wanted to take those elements and bring them to life. As well as using more material items to complete the look such as butterflies, leaves, and white roses.

About Gaia/Terra

The goddess of earth was born from Chaos, from her came the sea, sky, and mountains. As well as the Titans and Cyclopes. She was a strong goddess though fearful of her husband/son so she hid her children in the bowels of the earth. Due to the unbearable labor from childbirth, she had her husband castrated. And this became the divide between the earth and the sky. Gaia/Terra continued to give birth to others fathered by other gods. She also saved Zeus from being killed by Cronus.

Tutorial for the Goddess of Earth

Start off the look by by priming your face as well as applying your foundation. You can save this part as well for after completing the eyes, or do it first. That is completely based off preference. Then give yourself a cut crease using brown eyeshadows. After, fill in your lids with green and apply a white color in the inner corner as well as in your water line. I gave myself a baby cat liner and applied mascara. To finish off the makeup add heavy contour, a little highlight/blush, and apply brown lipstick.

The main part of the look comes from the materials. I braided my hair and originally I was going to have it down with just two Dutch braids on either side but changed my mind while filming and braided all the hair on one side. Then I weaved in vines and roses until I was happy with how it looked. Next I took butterfly stickers and applied them on my chest and face, to signify her separation from Uranus (Sky). I did change the location of these in the end as I felt there was too much going on that one side of the face.

What Goddess would you like me to complete next? Or what is your favorite goddesses from different mythologies?

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