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Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark Hair Evolution


Game of Thrones was an iconic show of the last decade, and one of the characters who goes through a major transformation during the course of the show is Sansa Stark. And this can be seen through the clothes she wears to how her hair is styled. So I thought I would do a hair evolution to this iconic character.

Humble Beginnings

Credit: HBO

At the beginning of the show before King’s Landing, Sansa had a very Northern style hair. Sansa was all about loose hair worn down, unfussy and simple braids.

King’s Landing

Credit: HBO

When Sansa reaches King’s Landing, she is arranged to marry Joffrey Baratheon the next king of the Seven Kingdom’s. As part of this Sansa’s hair changes to match the region she is now living in. With the royal rope braid and style to match Cersei Lannister. Who at the time she looked up to at how she wanted to be when she got older. And she continued to wear this hairstyle even after she started to despise the Lannisters after they killed her father.

Infused by the Tyrells

Credit: HBO

After her arranged marriage to Joffrey is called off and he is arranged to marry Margaery Tyrell, Sansa changes her hairstyle to match hers. As Sansa looks up to her and like most of her hairstyles seen throughout the show she doesn’t have a signature hairstyle that’s her own for a while that’s not a copy or influenced by someone else.

Littlefinger’s Influence

Credit: HBO

After Joffrey is killed, Sansa is smuggled out of King’s Landing and falls under the influence of Littlefinger who teaches her how to play the great game. He first takes her to her aunt’s where she pretends to be someone she’s not to survive. Her hair is darker since the red hair was too obvious. The black hair is washed out when she is married to Ramsey Bolton, as she loses her freedom and personal choice that was resembled by this hair.

Back to the North

Credit: HBO

After leaving House Bolton, Sansa reclaims her home and the Northern hair style by wearing her late mother’s signature style with braid off to one side. She’s on a mission and she’s not going to let anyone stand in her way including Littlefinger.

Lady Of Winterfell

Credit: HBO

After Winterfell has been reclaimed by the Starks, Sansa becomes the acting Lady of Winterfell has a stronger sense of empowerment. The hairstyle she’s wearing was seen both by Cersei and her mother at different points during the course of the show. So it wasn’t just one individual she was copying the look off of.

Queen of the North

Credit: HBO

With the Night King defeated and Cersei’s reign of the seven kingdoms over, Sansa claims the North as an independent kingdom. Her outfit resembles a bit of each of her siblings from the one sided cloak of Arya, the wolf crown of Robb, the black fur of Jon, and the fabric pattern of her mothers. Her hair is simple as she’s not trying to be anyone else. She’s completely in control and doesn’t need to pretend to be like anyone else.


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