Go Geek-Chic Style: Nerdy Glasses to Look for This Season

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With a more positive image of geeks and nerds in today’s society, millennials are widely accepting a geek-chic fashion style which gives them the freedom to express their inner weirdness. This style was primarily born within the marginalized group, but with the shifts in the value system – it became a mainstream fashion phenomenon and one of the dominant trends of the streetwear. Nerdy glasses are an essential part of this look.

Celebrities such as the Beckhams, Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Eva Mendez, are embracing this style big time, as it is charming, casual, but also classy. Whether we’re talking about the sunglasses or opticals (or the faux ones, without diopter), here are the trends you should keep your eye on.

Retro eyewear inspired by the sixties

These Clark-Kent spectacles with thick black rectangle frames are a number one fashion item for a geek-chic style. The most trending model is certainly the rounded wayfarer which provides you with a classic look but is also a good base for further style experimentations. Take your face shape into consideration and alter this style so that it suits you.

For example, if your face is heart-shaped, opt for the models that have an exaggerated bottom part, take Victoria Beckham’s geeky glasses choice as a great example. Women can also try the thick black cat-framed models or more updated elongated frames, such as the choice of Christina Hendricks.

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Browline glasses

Inspired by the 50’, model of browline glasses is among the most popular ones when it comes to geeky style, trending equally with both genders. The thicker upper frame gives you a sophisticated look worthy of a true millennial intellectual.

Besides the curved and rectangular frames, ladies can also enjoy cat-framed models that can be found within this model range. This meow-look is sexy by itself, but to really enhance your eyes, follow these simple tips for impeccable makeup while wearing glasses: opt for navy and deep blue colors instead of the plain black when it comes to mascara and eyeliner; experiment with burgundy color since it flatters almost every skin tone; curl your lashes for a greater impact and go heavy on the mascara at the root of your lashes, but lay off the ends.

Tortoiseshell frames

We all remember Elaine from the TV series “Seinfeld” and her librarian-look-a-like glasses. These elliptical thin tortoiseshell frames can become a part of your geeky style! For a stronger look, opt for wider frames and pick a shape that flatters your face. The thick slightly curved frames are trending, as well as the oversized ones and the retro models with a nose bridge.

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Sunglasses for a nerdy-cool look

For a geek-style on the point, you can experiment with many different sunglass models. For easiest purchase, try browsing trending sunglasses online: choose anything from fully circled brown-lensed tortoiseshell framed models, to many different variations of wayfarers.

When picking your sunglasses, follow the geek-trending frames of optical glasses. Just make sure you avoid mirror lenses and opt for shaded or ombre ones.

Circled thin framed model (Harry Potter-like)

This model is a huge trend: combine it with classical geeky-chic fashion items such as knitted turtlenecks, A-line skirts, long stockings and monks, loafers or oxford shoes. Style your hair in a messy bun or wear it straight. If you want, you can accessorize with a barrette of your choice or stick to a more casual look. See how Kendall Jenner is pulling off this geeky model of sunglasses! Guys can try out a combination of classic pants in shades of tan, a simple light blue shirt, wingtips as footwear, and accessorize with a leather messenger bag.

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Feel free to experiment with these nerdy trends to make your geek-chic style more personal and make sure you stick with vintage and retro models.

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