Gorgeous and Trendy Tattoo Art for 2016

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Tattoos have become a way to express one’s personality and even show off uniqueness and creativity as the most respected value nowadays. Also, the strongest point of a tattoo is the fact that it holds a strong meaning for the person that wears it. Tattoos have become an inseparable part of one’s being, which doesn’t only make them an incredible art form, but a story from an individual’s book of life as well. There are so many different tattoo styles and there’s no perfect style, but some have definitely been a big trend during the course of 2016.

Delicate white tattoos

White tattoos have become really popular and many people with a delicate and romantic nature have decided to decorate their body with white ink. The great thing about white tattoos is that they look beautiful on all skin tones. Even the fairest of them all can proudly rock a white tattoo since their subtle lines make them all the more intriguing. Usually, one can see lace shapes as well as vintage, bohemian or Irish patterns, and these definitely are the best choice for white tattoos since they attribute to the more textured, interesting and mysterious look.

Intricate Tibetan mandalas

Buddhism is not only a religion but a philosophy and a state of mind. Therefore, people around the world, regardless of their religious views, find great comfort and guidance in Buddhist teachings. As a result, one can see a lot of people proudly decorating their body with Tibetan mandalas. These are linked to an individual’s path to spirituality and enlightenment and greatly vary in symbols and geometrical shapes. The world we live in is full of stressful situations and therefore it is hardly surprising that so many people opt for this kind of tattoo, which can help them transform the mind into a soothing and beautiful place.

Minimalist heartbeat tattoos

During the year of 2016, many people decided to show respect for their deceased loved ones with a heartbeat tattoo. Some also include script together with a heartbeat EKG pattern. On the other hand, for some people, this kind of tattoo is a great reminder of how fragile life can be and therefore inspire them to live every day as if it were their last day on Earth. This is a great rule to live by. Also, a minimalist heartbeat tattoo looks stunning regardless of the part of the body it decorates.

Meaningful finger tattoos

Continuing with the minimalist theme, finger tattoos have also been a really big trend this year. Choosing a finger tattoo is a great way to enrich one’s whole look and show uniqueness of mind. These can really be anything you want, from short scripts to different symbols that have some kind of special meaning. While they serve as a great accessory, they can also be covered with rings or made even more beautiful when combined with top finger rings and interesting bracelets.

Romantic Japanese tattoos

Tattooing Japanese symbols such as cherry flowers, dragons, mythological creatures and even architectural patterns has also been very popular. Many people think of the best Japanese tattoos as a perfect way to turn a certain part of the body into an artist’s canvas since they can vary in color, size, shape and design, but still look breathtaking. The details are very intricate and one can easily opt for a grand tattoo or go for a minimalist one, and the result will always be amazing.

When you decide to get a tattoo, carefully think of the body part you want your ink to be on. Also, in order for the tattoo to look great and stunning after a long time, make sure to take proper care of it – moisturize the tattooed area regularly and always apply sunscreen before you go out.



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