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Guillermo Del Toro: At Home With Monsters Exhibit


Rose and I at the exhibit

Last night, my roommate and I went to the Guillermo Del Toro Exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. And I was insanely excited about this as I love horror, art, and movies. Included some of my favorites that Guillermo Del Torro was the director for, which are Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim. Other films of he has directed include the following: Mimic, The Shape of Water, Hellboy, Crimson Peak, and Cronos. He’s also been involved in video games such as P.T., Silent Hills, and Death Stranding. As well as written: The Strain, The Fall, The Night Eternal, and Trollhunters. One thing that I love is how this is all from his Bleak House, which came about because his wife didn’t want one of the pieces of art up in their kitchen so he ended up buying a whole new house just for his collection. And now going to lie, Rose and I have been trying to make our own exhibit to our favorite things in our townhouse quite similar to this. Maybe not to the same extreme but yeah.

I love how this exhibit isn’t just his own work but just other things as well. Including original artwork, 1st edition books, and actual props/costumes from movies. One of my favorite pieces of artwork that we saw were from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, which were the first horror book that I ever read. Those books used to give me nightmares and at the same time I wanted to get every one of them because I was so drawn into the stories.

So one thing I did was film just a small section of my favorite things from the exhibit but I have a lot more images from photographs I took there. I hope you enjoy.

Now I could honestly go into detail of everything that I was at the exhibit, but I think it’s more of something you need to experience for yourself. So if you have the chance to go see it as it travels around the world, I would highly recommend checking it out. Currently this exhibit is at the Minneapolis Institute of Art until May 28th then it’s heading to Canada. I know Rose is going to do an article of this exhibit as well over on our nerdy blog so go check that out.

What are your favorite horror movies/books/artwork?


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