Habits I Want to Start and Stop in 2020

I shared my main goals for the year already on the blog, but I thought I would go over some habits that I want to stop myself from doing and some that I want to start doing to help overall improve myself. Last year was learning to be comfortable in my skin and regaining independence. So, 2020 I want to be a year of growth now that I’ve achieved those two things. In order to do so, as I said some habits need to change.

Things I Need to Stop:

  • Stop drinking 1 and a half 12 oz bottles of Dr. Pepper every day. I mean, I’ve gotten better from the 3 I was having a day, but I need to just cut this down more. So, I’m not so addicted to caffeine anymore.
  • Biting my lips, I fixed my habit of biting my nails but that just went to my lips especially now that they are dry from winter, so I’ve been biting them a lot to the point they look terrible!
  • Taking the elevator in the parking garage at work.
  • Buying every new makeup release. I have an entire three shelf bookcase filled of palettes, I don’t need more. So, I need to stop.
  • Stop consuming as much sugar. Not so much a habit, but it is something I should get back to being conscious about.
  • Being a hermit in my apartment. I really need to get out in the world if I want any type of social life.

Things I Need to Start:

  • Drink more water. It’s good for you, I just need to get better about not relaying on pop to get me through the day.
  • Do skin care every day or start using lip balm and lotion to prevent your skin from looking dry all the time.
  • Taking the stairs in the parking garage at work. It’s good exercise and it’s not that many floors.
  • Make use of the gym at both my office building and apartment complex. It’s included in my rent and free as being a tenant in the building, I should utilize them.
  • Spend more time on brushing my teeth not just a quick brush and calling it good.
  • Get up earlier and actually spend time on my appearance for work instead of the two minute routine and calling it good enough.
  • Reading or drawing (something off the screens) at least one hour a day.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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