Hair Goals from Sci-Fi/Fantasy Shows

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I love doing new hairstyles and trying to do more complicated looks. And a lot of the inspiration I take when creating a new look come from television shows. Especially ones where the characters have a lot of braids in their hair. Some shows that I love watching that have amazing braided hairstyles are the following: The 100, Vikings, and Game of Thrones. Now for my everyday hair, I don’t go to the extreme they do but I take inspiration from them.

To be 100% honest, I wasn’t sure which blog I was going to post this on. My personal blog where I focus on cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle… or on here as it relates to fandoms. So I decided to go with the latter of the two.

So these are some of my favorite hairstyles from each of the shows mentioned previously.

The 100

Credit: The CW Credit: The CW

This is currently one of my favorite shows and I love all the hairstyles. But a lot of them are just basic ponytails or just regular straight hair so I’m going to focus on two ladies that slay various looks/braids every time they are on the screen. Which are Octavia and Lexa. Their hairstyles are very detailed while at the same time give a warrior vibe. Between the two, I would wear Octavia’s hairstyle on a daily basis. Whose would you go with?

Credit: History Credit: History


On History Channel they have a show called Vikings, where one of the characters who is named Lagertha has the most amazing braids. She is a fierce shieldmaiden which is a woman who is chosen to fight as a warrior. Her hairstyles are some of my favorites for everyday wear. As I love to pull my hair back on one side with braids. This is just one of my favorite hairstyles that she’s had on the show but there are so many that I love.

Some of her hairstyles are more complex than the one that I’m sharing but they all have the same overall style/theme. And if you haven’t tried something like this in the past I would recommend it as you will feel like a fierce warrior. So what’s there to lose? If you’ve seen this show before, who’s hairstyle is your favorite and which one? I would love to know!

Game of Thrones

Credit: HBO Credit: HBO

I could go on and on about the hairstyles in Game of Thrones. And I love the hair of every lady in the show, but these four have to be my favorites. Sansa’s hair in King’s Landing is a bit over the top and very detailed, but her Winterfell hair is hair goals for me. I love her braids as they were simple yet such a statement. Cersei hairstyles are something I would totally try for a formal event. Maybe not as extreme but they are so elegant. Daenerys hair is amazing in every episode she is in hands down. I seriously just want her hair always. They are very strong and warrior-like. And lastly, we have Margaery who like Sansa is everyday hair goals! I love the soft curls in her long hair and simple half-updos. Whose hairstyle in Game of Thrones do you wish you could recreate?

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