Handling Blog Burn Out

Ever since I moved back to my mom’s house, I’ve been dealing with a little bit of blogging and YouTube burn out. This is a very common thing that happens in the blogging community but isn’t talked about that much. It’s especially unavoidable to anyone that blogs or posts daily. Every day you’re producing something creative and working very hard from being the author, photographer, and marketing director of everything you produce. And that takes a lot of time and energy, which leads to the unfortunate burn out. So I thought I would share how I deal with those overwhelming moments and how I push through them to keep blogging every day.

white tulipsDetermine Source of the Burn Out

You can’t properly deal with burn out until you identify what is causing your burn out. Is it something in your life that’s contributing to it or something external? For me, the YouTube notification that I was going to lose monetization was just a nice subtle jab that pushed me over the edge. Sure I don’t make money from YouTube but it was just another kick in an already swore spot. But at the same time, it really motivated me to live stream on Twitch which has been an absolute blast. And the blogging burn out has slightly been my own fault, as I’ve been in the middle of combining my two blogs back together and creating a new cruelty free guide that is interactive. So those have made me more motivated to work on those rather than writing posts. Which has been making me feel stressed.

Plan it Out

Once you’ve found what is causing the burn out, you can plan how to deal with it properly. I have a calendar I’m currently using to make sure I’m still getting everything prepped for the blog while I’m working on the other projects. Some days sitting down and planning out future posts makes me so excited about actually creating said posts and gets me motivated to write again. And planning out the projects in the gaps makes sure I still get those done without destroying my productivity on the other at the same time.

Find New Inspiration

When your inspiration about a certain topic runs dry either from producing too much of the same type of item or not evolving how you approach them can be a major burn out cause. You’ll probably notice I do this quite often. My blog one week can be very home decor influenced one week then something completely different the next. This is just from me trying to keep myself from burning out of inspiration or it’s just something I really want to write about that week. Other places to find inspiration instead of just mixing up content every so often are magazines, documentaries, photographs, movies, art, or even Pinterest.

Refresh Old Posts

When I was migrating my blog, I found a lot of old blog posts that were good concepts but maybe didn’t get executed the way I would’ve today. So I made plans to redo a bunch of ones that I did in the past. There’s nothing wrong with updating or adjusting something you’ve already done. Or revisiting things you’ve done in the past as it can really kick start your creative process into thinking how you would approach that today.

Take a Break

Sometimes the best thing you can do for burn out is just to take a break from it all to recharge your battery. This means no writing posts or thinking about work at all – instead, I give myself the freedom to jump on social media just for the fun of it or spend the day doing something that’s just for me. Taking a small break really helps refresh your energy and get you excited to get back to work. People take vacations or breaks for a reason, they are a necessity.

What works best for you when handling blog burnout?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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