Happy Birthday Harley!

So this weekend, we spent every day in some way celebrating Harley's 24th birthday. As well as a bunch of other things including Ariel moving out and finally getting the townhouse cleaned. On Friday, we celebrated with her family by going to Rock Elm Tavern where we all had burgers. Then on Saturday after spending the day cleaning literally every inch of the house, we went out to TGI Friday's for a drink with Mimmy followed by eating some appetizers and playing games at Dave and Busters. We won a LOT of tickets and ended up getting two radios, two mugs, and a giant Hello Kitty for Mimmy.

Then came today, which is Harley's birthday. Now back in May, Harley made me a Supernatural cake and decorated my door like it was the TARDIS. As well as getting me galactic items from Lush. So I knew I wanted to do something special for her as well. One, for being my best friend for well over a decade even though we lost contact several years here and there. I tried to find a picture of us together from way back when but I honestly couldn't find one. Mainly because I hated taking photos of myself or having my picture taken so every old photo I have is of other people without me. But I did throw in the oldest picture I do have. Two, for sticking around and having my back more times than I can count. And three, it's her birthday and she deserves something nice after the last several months of stress from Ariel.


So I told Harley, that she wasn't allowed downstairs in our townhouse until I was finished. Since I didn't have time to go get the items before her birthday, and of course I needed time to set up. So this morning, I went and got all the decorations that I wanted to set up from Target. Then decked out the entire main floor as well as getting some yummy breakfast treats (I.e. Cupcakes). Which Harley did agree she would stay upstairs until I was finished as long as I brought her coffee. Of course, I already planned on getting her coffee so that was no issue.


As it's also October and her favorite holiday is Halloween, I tried to keep everything to the same similar theme of white, black, and silver. Granted it doesn't fully match all the items we got from Michael's to decorate the main floor with, I still love how it turned out.


After trapping Harley upstairs for several hours, I finally let her come downstairs. The dogs came down as well in matching Happy Birthday bandannas.