Happy Bunny Day Everyone! Thoughts on the First Holiday Event in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Well the day has finally come for Bunny Day in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Honestly, this event has been annoying and disappointing to say the least. Every single resource in the game was taken over by eggs. The event ran from April 1st to April 12th, which also co-resided with the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) event to the point where you couldn’t even get that event’s items.

The goal of the event according to Zipper T. Bunny, who only shows up on the first and last day of the event, is to collect and craft every single recipe. Which is not hard to do because of how many eggs you get. Zipper is in a costume and is hella creepy. So, what the the different types of eggs?

  • Sky Eggs float on rainbow-colored balloons above the island
  • Stone Eggs pop out of rocks when you strike them with a shovel or ax
  • Leaf Eggs fall from trees when you shake them
  • Wood Eggs pop out of tree trunks when you strike them with an ax
  • Water Eggs can be hooked from the ocean or rivers just like fish
  • Earth Eggs can be dug from sections of cracked ground just like fossils

Here is a list of all the recipes and the ingredients needed for them:

  • Bunny Day stool: 3 Water
  • Bunny Day table: 4 Earth
  • Bunny Day wardrobe: 4 Stone
  • Bunny Day vanity: 4 Leaf
  • Bunny Day bed: 1 of each
  • Bunny Day lamp: 4 Wood
  • Bunny Day merry balloons: 1 Earth, 1 Leaf, 1 Sky
  • Bunny Day festive balloons: 1 Stone, 1 Wood, 1 Water
  • Bunny Day wall clock: 3 Sky
  • Bunny Day glowy garland: 1 of each
  • Bunny Day wreath: 1 of each
  • Bunny Day wall: 2 of each
  • Bunny Day flooring: 2 of each
  • Bunny Day rug: 1 of each
  • Earth-egg shell: 2 Earth
  • Earth-egg outfit: 3 Earth
  • Earth-egg shoes: 2 Earth
  • Stone-egg shell: 2 Stone
  • Stone-egg outfit: 3 Stone
  • Stone-egg shoes: 2 Stone
  • Leaf-egg shell: 2 Leaf
  • Leaf-egg outfit: 3 Leaf
  • Leaf-egg shoes: 2 Leaf
  • Wood-egg shell: 2 Wood
  • Wood-egg outfit: 3 Wood
  • Wood-egg shoes: 2 Wood
  • Sky-egg shell: 2 Sky
  • Sky-egg outfit: 3 Sky
  • Sky-egg shoes: 2 Sky
  • Water-egg shell: 2 Water
  • Water-egg outfit: 3 Water
  • Water-egg shoes: 2 Water
  • Egg party hat: 2 of each
  • Egg party dress: 3 of each
  • Bunny Day crown: 1 of each
  • Bunny Day bag: 1 of each
  • Bunny Day fence: 1 of each

Once you’ve managed to craft all the recipes, you still need to wait for the 12th for Zipper to come back. He’ll give you three additional recipes:

  1. A Bunny Day Arch, which takes two of each egg type
  2. A Wobbling Zipper Toy, which takes four of each egg type
  3. A Bunny Day Wand, which takes the Zipper Toy and three star fragments.

I was expecting a bit more honestly for the amount of eggs we get considering it ruined my resource gathering for half the month. Is it a fish? Nope, it’s an egg. Can I get some iron? Nope, it’s an egg. They did lower the spawn rate which made it a little better but still that was a week into the event. Hopefully, the next one will go better.

Before closing out the post, here’s a makeup look I did inspired by the event. Full details are over on my Instagram, so check that out if you want them.

Hope you all have a great day!

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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