Having Fun in Minecraft

I’m not great in Minecraft by any means. But I try. Usually, I end up building in creative mode. However, I got invited to play in a survival realm so I’m been trying my hardest to do everything the normal way. Which has resulted in many deaths, and some of my friends giving me enchanted armor and potions to help me avoid dying as often. But other than that, everything else I’m made for myself. Well… not the village I took over but the main buildings that I use were of my own creation. One reflects the village around me and the other is my storage which resembles a nether fortress in some regard.

I found a zombie spawner and made an xp-farm out of it. That was interesting to try to do all in survival. Let’s just say it took me ages to figure out how to connect my main mineshaft to the farm in as little effort as possible to reach. It’s technically three turns from the main entrance (4 if you count the fact one of the stairs turns mid-way down). I also have multiple crop farms and animals pens around the village. I still need to figure out what to do with the buildings as the villagers are gone. They died or disappeared at some point. But that’s for down the road.

Right now, I’m working on a small underground bunker that doubles as my enchanting room and axolotl aquarium. I still need to farm more books before that’s going to be complete. As well as, finish decorating the place. It kind of works as a hub to various other parts of my mineshaft. Which that segment is technically an abandoned mineshaft and ravine rolled into one. I’m probably going to make a few other sections off the hub, but right now it’s just the three. One to the abandoned mine, one to the ravine mine, and one to the base/manufactured mine and zombie spawner (since those you pass on the way to the bunker). The other task with the bunker is making the mines easier to navigate as mine is a mess. I have gotten lost so many times in it. I have some markers that help me now, but it still needs help. Like a lot of help.

Anyways, that’s basically how I spent my weekend: playing Minecraft.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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