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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve the Merlin Trials


One of the things you’ll come across regularly in Hogwarts Legacy is the Merlin Trials. There are a total of 95 trials spread throughout the world, but you do not need to complete all of them to complete the challenge. Though if you want the achievement, then you will need to complete every single Merlin Trial. Each trial requires placing Mallowsweet on the altar, then completing the specific puzzle around you. So, I figured I would go over how to solve each of them. However, I will not be going into where to find all of them as they are easy to spot on your map.

TypeRequired SpellTip
TorchesIncendio or ConfringoLight each of the torches using a fiery spell. The torches will start to sink into the ground, so you need to make sure all three torches are lit before that happens. So, I would take note of which is the tallest then work your way to the lowest torch.
OrbsAccioDestroy all the orbs on top of the pillars using basic cast or Accio.
Standing StonesNoneClimb onto one end then move across them by running and jumping without touching the ground to reach the other end.
Symbol CubesFlipendoUse flipendo to match up the symbols on the cube to the plinth. These cubes usually have arrows on some of the faces to help guide you in which direction they should line up.
Hollow Cubes with CrystalsLumosGather up moths in the surrounding area using lumos then bring them back to each of the hollow cubes with crystals on the inside. You can collect all the moths before returning to the cubes, rather than getting each individually.
Small Stone BallsAccioUse accio to bring a set of five small stone balls into nearby plates with ball-shaped openings.
Cracked Green RocksConfringoDestroy all the stones using confringo.
StatuesReparoAt the start of the trial the statues will collapse, use Reparo to fix them up.
Large Stone BallAccio, Levioso, Depulso, or Wingardium LeviosaThe goal is just to get the massive ball into the bowl-shaped goal set into the ground. You can use any yellow or purple movement spells to complete this, though Wingardium Leviosa is the easiest spell to use as you can bring the ball directly to the hole without the risk of it flying off.

You can get the Mallowsweet itself from the Magic Neep in Hogsmeade and other vendors, but I recommend growing it in the Greenhouse planter at first then later in the Room of Requirement. Then you’ll never run out as you get five each time you harvest from the plant table.

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