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Hogwarts Mystery: How to Pass Your O.W.L. With Flying Colors


When you reach your fifth year at Hogwarts, all students must take their OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) Exams. And this is no exception when it comes to the mobile game, Hogwarts Mystery, inspired by the books and movies of Harry Potter. Instead of these being a chapter in the story mode, it’s a special event that occurs during your fifth year that lasts for about three days. During that time period you need to revise for your exams as well as take them. Now unlike classes it’s more advanced as you’ll have a written portion (questions and answers) and a practical part (focus, timed, and tracing figures). So to help you pass the exams, here is what you might face during the OWL exams as far as the written portion is concerned.

Potions Exam

  • The Deflating Draught is used to null the effects of a swelling solution.
  • Pepperup Potion has a side effect of steam coming out of your ears.
  • There are four lionfish spines in a herbicide potion.
  • The Polyjuice Potion needs to stew for a month before usage.

Charms Exam

  • Vermillious charm produces red sparks.
  • Bombarda is the exploding charm.
  • You would use the Cistem Aperio to open a chest.
  • The Cheering Charm was invented by Felix Summerbee.

Transfiguration Exam

  • Summoning is not a form of transfiguration.
  • There are five Principal Exceptions to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration.
  • Porcupine to Pincushion is one of the easiest Transfigurations.
  • A switching spell swaps two targets simultaneously.

Herbology Exam

  • Touching the trunk of a Wiggentree protects you from Dark Creatures.
  • Nettles are known for Stinging Hairs.
  • Flitterbloom is not another name for Belladonna.
  • Mimbulus Mimbletonia uses Stinksap as a defense mechanism.

Care of Magical Creatures Exam

  • A Streeler’s shell changes color every hour.
  • Porlocks guard herds of horses.
  • Bowtruckles eat Fairy Eggs.
  • Bowtruckles are especially fond of Wiggentrees.

History of Magic Exam

This exam is the only one that does not include a practical portion so there are more questions to answer during this segment.

  • Clause Three in the Code of Wand Use prohibits non-humans from using wands.
  • Economic Crash followed the Soap Blizzard of 1378.
  • Liechtenstein did not attend the first meeting of the International Confederation of Wizards because of their stance on Troll Rights.
  • Gringotts Wizarding Bank was founded in 1474.
  • Wendelin the Weird allowed herself to be caught by witch-hunters forty-seven times.
  • Egbert the Egregious killed Emeric the Evil in a duel.
  • Urg the Unclean led the 18th century Goblin Rebellions.
  • The primary reason for the creation of International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy was Persecution by Muggles.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Exam

  • Vipera Evanesca is the incantation for the Snake-Vanishing spell.
  • You would use the Impediment Jinx to slow a rushing opponent.
  • Reductor Curse blasts objects into pieces.
  • The incantation for the Tongue-Tying Curse is Mimblewimble.

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