Hogwarts Mystery: Year 1 Overview

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Hogwarts Mystery

So one of my favorite mobile games that has ever come out is Hogwarts Mystery which takes place in the Harry Potter universe shortly after the defeat of You-Know-Who and the death of the Potters. One of the things that comes up a bunch when talking to friends is they ask about your previous years. And sometimes remembering all of those details can be a bit much, so I’m going to be doing an overview of each year and what occurred during them. But I’m going to try not giving too much away.

For the records, I am a Ravenclaw.

In your first year of Hogwarts, you meet Rowan your BFF who you meet right away in Diagon Alley who will end up joining whatever house you choose to join. During this year, you only attend classes for Charms, Potions, and Flying.

Hogwarts Mystery 4

  • Potions Learned: Cure for Boils, Wiggenweld, Sleeping Draught, and Herbicide.
  • Charms: Lumos, Expelliarmus, Rictusempra, Wingardium Leviosa, Alohomora, Flipendo, and Nox.
  • Flying: Summon Broom, Mount Broom, and Liftoff and Land.

Outside of Potions you will meet Merula Snyde who is your year’s bully, who’s parents are Death Eaters. Who later tricks you into being attacked by Devil’s Snare. Where you’ll be saved by Hagrid. Afterwards you meet a scared Gryffindor named Ben Cooper. After you learn about Gobstones from Rowan where after Merula will challenge your character to a duel.

Hogwarts Mystery 5

You then spend a long time learning how to duel all leading up to a duel in the Clocktower Countyard. If you didn’t start the duel, Flitwick will stand up for you leading your character only to receive detention. After your duel with Merula, you will meet the most popular girl in school Penny Haywood. She will nicely introduce herself and tell you how grateful she is for your demonstration of bravery against Merula. She will express her gratitude by offering her help and knowledge with brewing potions, or if you need any information on rumors that go through Hogwarts.

After you discover with Merula that there they overhear Professor Snape and Argus Filch about the vaults and mysterious ice that has been spreading around Hogwarts. You’ll attend some more classes, and learn more spells and potions before giving Mrs. Norris some Sleeping Draught to break into a locked room that contains a code revealing there is a vault guarded by Ice Knights that you’ll work out how to get around in the following year. Then after talking to Dumbledore, your house will most likely had won the house cup and you’re onto the next year.

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