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Hogwarts Mystery: Year 2 Overview


So one of my favorite mobile games that has ever come out is Hogwarts Mystery which takes place in the Harry Potter universe shortly after the defeat of You-Know-Who and the death of the Potters. One of the things that comes up a bunch when talking to friends is they ask about your previous years. And sometimes remembering all of those details can be a bit much, so I’m going to be doing an overview of each year and what occurred during them. But I’m going to try not giving too much away.


In your second year of Hogwarts you will attend four classes and learn the following things:

  1. Potions: Fire-breathing potion, Strengthening Solution, Fire Protection Potion, and Swelling Solution.
  2. Charms: Engorgio, Incendio, Episkey, and Reducio.
  3. Flying: First Laps and Weaving.
  4. Transfigurations: Revelio, Reparifarge, Reparo, Porcupine to Pin Cushion, and Spongify.

Your second year starts off in the Great Hall, where Dumbledore warns students away from the ice and you learn from Penny that Ben is missing. You can end up asking Professor McGonagall if she knows since she is the head of Ben’s house. The player can either mention what they found in the locked room with her or keep it a secret. And she’ll reveal Ben was deeply affected by the Cursed Ice even if Ben didn’t come with the player the year prior. And the Cursed Ice has happened before, then she’ll point you in the direction of the Artifact room.

After searching the room, Rowan will decipher the words and inform the player they need to look for a black quill that’s hidden in the common room of another house. Each house has to sneak into somewhere else. Gryffindor Common Room for Ravenclaw and Slytherin, and the Slytherin Common Room for Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. The note is signed by someone named R who threatens that failure to do so will result in severe punishment. You will end up sneaking into that house using the shrinking or growing transfiguration. You can admit the truth of why you snuck into the house to the Head of House or not.

Then you’ll find Ben stuck in ice with Professor Snape and McGonagall will be discussing what occurred and free him. Later you’ll meet up with him in the Hospital Wing, but he will claim not to remember calling the player to the hospital or even being stuck in ice. But Rowan believes he’s hiding something, and they go back to the corridor to see what’s there to find a suspicious wall. You’ll then have to convince McGonagall to teach you the advanced transfiguration called Revelio. Then Rowan and the player will enter the hidden staircase which leads to a door covered in ice.

Rowan ends up hit by the ice and sent to the hospital wing, and after recovering does not want to go anywhere near the vault again. But to approach an older student named Bill Weasley. Who you’ll meet on the training grounds and eventually you’ll duel. Once you win, they will face the door together but Bill is ultimately stuck by ice to be later freed by the player. You end up at the conclusion that you need a bigger team to face the door. The player will have to decide if they want to bring Rowan, Penny or Ben along with them then convince them to join the next time they face the vault door.

An ice knight bursts from the door and traps Bill, then the other friend in ice. The player will duel the ice knight and then free their friends. They open the vault where they find a notebook and broken wand and a voice tells the player never to let “her” find the other ones. McGonagall will yell at the player and send you to Dumbledore who was away finding a world class Curse Breaker.

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