Hogwarts Mystery: Year 3 Overview

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So one of my favorite mobile games that has ever come out is Hogwarts Mystery which takes place in the Harry Potter universe shortly after the defeat of You-Know-Who and the death of the Potters. One of the things that comes up a bunch when talking to friends is they ask about your previous years. And sometimes remembering all of those details can be a bit much, so I’m going to be doing an overview of each year and what occurred during them. But I’m going to try not giving too much away.

Classes and things you’ll learn during your third year:

  1. Potions: Antidote to Common Potions, Wideye Potion, Doxycide, Forgetfulness Potion, and Babbling Beverage.
  2. Charms: Finite Incantatem, Petrificus Totalus, Depulso, Riddikulus, and Immobulus.
  3. Flying: Rolling, Diving, and Loop-the-loop.
  4. Transfigurations: Felifors, Duro, Owl to Opera Glasses, and Mice to Snuffbox.
  5. Herbology: Mandrake, Valerian Sprigs, Stinksap, Dried Nettles, and Snargaluff.

Hogwarts Mystery

Like the previous two years, the player returns to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and meets with Rowan Khanna, Penny Haywood and Ben Copper in the Great Hall. Apparently Professor Albus Dumbledore is angry at the player who informs the school there will be severe consequences to anymore who tampers with the vaults as another one has opened. Especially for repeat offenders, which is clearly aimed at the player.


Next you’ll attend your first ever Herbology class where a Boggart appears, scaring Penny who found a werewolf in the pots. Before the Flying class, you’ll meet Nyphadora Tonks who is talking with Rowan about going to Hogsmeade. The player is told by the Head of House that they however are not allowed to go to Hogsmeade unless they improve their school work.

During lunch one day, you’ll talk to Hagrid who reveals the Boggarts are linked to the tampering of the next vault. As they appeared before when Jacob (the player’s brother) went searching for them. After more hard work, the player will be allowed to go to Hogsmeade and that Jacob went to the Three Broomsticks Inn and knew Rosmerta quite well. During your first visit to Hogsmeade, you’ll meet Andre Egwu who is very into fashion and will give you one free clothing item.

Next at Three Broomsticks, Rosmerta mentions that Jacob often wrote in a notebook until being taken away by Aurors. Rosmerta offers to look for the object Jacob hid if the player agrees to help out at the Inn. After a shift, she needs more time and sends the player off on a fetch quest for Sugar Shrub, Mallowsweet, and Moondew as ingredients for a new type of Butterbeer. You have to remember what is needed or you’ll cause many wizards to feel sick from poison when they drink the Butterbeer. After you’ll receive Jacob’s quill which is a transfigured notebook, but it is confiscated by Filch.


Hogwarts Mystery Hogmead

Tonks takes the player to Zonko’s Joke Shop in Hogsmeade where you can get either a Nose-Biting Teacup or Fanged Frisbee to get Filch out of his office. Allowing the player to sneak in and look for the notebook that Filch stole. Next you’ll work with Rowan to decipher it where you discover Jacob had a room in the castle. You can take Bill, Penny, or Ben with you to the secret room but it is padlocked with two keyholes. Neither Alohomora or Flipendo will work on the lock. You have to meet Tulip Karasu who can be found in transfiguration classroom as she is the owner of the lock. You will have to disable the Dungbomb on the back of Dennis the toad in order to gain her assistance. Only to learn that Merula Snyde has one of the two keys.

While you are gone in Hogsmeade, a letter was left on your bed warning you that you are in danger from “a friend”. The player and Tulip find Merula, Barnaby Lee, and Ismelda Murk in the Courtyard with an ultimate dungbomb that they will throw at the group. All but Merula run away. Tulip and the player confront Merula for the other key. Merula says if the player duels her again and wins, they may have the other key. Which you eventually will end up doing so. Merula warns you about Tulip and says she’s learned all she needed from the room anyways.

Tulip and the player enter the room but are confronted by the player’s Boggart which is an image of Voldemort. They take off to learn the Boggart-Banishing Spell. They end up in the Artefact Room where Tulip faces her Boggart that takes the form of Merula. They manage to banish that Boggart and the one in Jacob’s room, where they end up searching and find a note saying when Vault of Fear was opened before, there were many Boggarts in the Library hinting that the next vault was located there.


Next you’ll search the room more with the full team and find a note telling them the entrance will be in the Restricted Section. Of couse they will need to plan on sneaking in as there’s no way any of them could get permission to enter the section.

Merula informs the player, they know they are searching the library and wants to know what they found. The player ends up finding a note that says “the book opens the way.” Tulip and the player end up deciding to bring Barnaby Lee (Merula’s friend) to come onboard with their plan. Which you can meet him in the Great Hall and suggest he leaves working for Merula and so long as you defeat him in a duel, he will join your team. Then the player chooses between Bill, Rowan, and Tonks as the final member for breaking into the Vault of Fear. In order to get in they have to get Madam Pince to leave. If Rowan is previously chosen, they trick Madam Pince and open the Restricted Section with the Unlocking Charm. If Tonks, she brings a baby Mandrake and its scream makes Madam Pince leave.

Merula will show up and duels with the player. Once you win, Barnaby tells the player to go into the room and he’ll fend of Merula nad Ismelda. Only for them to take off to tell a teacher about them. They enter the vault and confront three Boggarts all taking the form of Voldemort. They end up taking your friends as captives and the player saves them with the Boggart-Banishing Spell. The player hears Jacob’s voice again telling them to fight, and Boggart Voldemort shows up and duels the player. Once you win, the vault is opened when they make the ultimate sacrificce. Which means giving up magic, this reminds the player of Jacob’s broken wand and this opens the vault. Where they fidn a map of the Forbidden Forest and an arrow. Hinting the next vault is in the Forbidden Forest.

Hagrid shows up and implies they were responsible for the fewer Boggarts being found around the school. Dumbledore then shows up and tells Hagrid he was supposed to keep it secret, and the player mentions Dumbledore was missing for the entire year. He says he was looking for someone, and he succeeded. The player is confused and Dumbledore tells them to meet him at the office and he will explain.

The player tells him everything about the day’s events, and they deduce that another person keeps tampering with the vaults and opening them. Dumbledore tells them he was looking for the world’s finest Curse-Breaker and that he invited her to join them next year. Even though the player broken the rules again, and Dumbledore warns them never to do it again, but gives them another chance.

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