Hogwarts Mystery: Year 5 Overview

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Hogwarts Mystery

So one of my favorite mobile games that has ever come out is Hogwarts Mystery which takes place in the Harry Potter universe shortly after the defeat of You-Know-Who and the death of the Potters. One of the things that comes up a bunch when talking to friends is they ask about your previous years. And sometimes remembering all of those details can be a bit much, so I’m going to be doing an overview of each year and what occurred during them. But I’m going to try not giving too much away.

Classes and things you’ll learn during your fifth year:

  • Potions: Hair-Raising Potion, Draught of Peace, Deflating Draught, Befuddlement Draught, Wit-Sharpening Potion, Erumpent Potion, and Everlasting Elixirs.
  • Charms: Cheering Charm, Silencio, Arresto Momentum, Locomotor Mortis, Disillusionment Charm, Descendo, Deletrius, Pack Charm, Muffliato, Confundus, and Lumos Maxima.
  • Flying: Reversing, Agility Course – Over Under, Starfish and Stick, Agility Course – Thread the Needle, Agility Course – Advanced Weaving, and Switching Brooms.
  • Transfigurations: Incarcerous, Switch: Feather Duster & Ferret, Switch: Piggy Bank & Guinea Pig, Switch: Top Hat & Rabbit, Switch: Pillow & Armadillo, Switch: Tortoise & Hare, and Goldfinch to Golden Snitch.
  • Herbology: Belladonna, Screechsnap, Fanged Geanium, Dittany, Ginger Root, Chinese Chomping Cabbage, Gillyweed, Aconite, and Puffapod.
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Fairy, Crup, Porlock, Puffskein, Unicorn, Flobberworm, and Chimaera.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts: Ghouls, Hex-Deflection, Impedimenta, Pixie, Mimblewimble, Trip Jinx, Deprimo, Fumos, Lacarnum Inflammari, Stupefy, Curse of the Bogies, Vipera Evanesca, Reductor Curse, Everte Statum, Densaugeo, and Homenum Revelio.
  • History of Magic: Medieval Assembly of European Wizards, Giant Wars, Goblin Rebellion of 1612, International Statue of Secrecy, Witch Hunts of 14th Century, Werewolf Code of Conduct of 1637, and International Warlock Convention of 1289.
Haywood Sisters.png

This year kicked off with Professor McGonagall giving the opening speech as Dumbledore is gone. As it is your fifth year, you are going to have to deal with O.W.L.S which is one of two major tests in the wizarding world. This year compared to others does not have a lot of courses or chapters mainly due to this test taking up the majority of the year. But you do have more classes that you can attend during your fifth year as compared to others with the addition of both Defense Against the Dark Arts and History of Magic.

You also will meet four new friends: Jae Kim, Badeea Ali, Liz Tuttle (met previously in Year 4 but wasn’t in your friendships), and Diego Caplan. Also many of your friends have their younger siblings now attending Hogwarts. Including another Weasley and Penny’s little sister.


Of course, you have to talk to Ben about what happened and why he tried to kill/harm you the year prior. He still holds the brief or claims that he has no knowledge of the events with him in the red hood. After you finish talking to him, someone else in a red hood attacks you stating that one of your friends will die.

Next you finally patch things up with Merula with the help with Bill Weasley at the Three Broomsticks, until Penny shows up freaking out as her little sister has gone missing. So the hunt is on to find Bea Haywood, who you go searching in the Forbidden Forest to find her after the events of last year that Penny had told her all about. You do have another duel with the Acromantula that was guarding the previous Cursed Vault. Only to find she isn’t there at all.

Hogwarts Mystery Spider.png

After potions where Penny attempts to link her mind with Beatrice, but fails. Merula comes in and reveals the location of Beatrice which is on the Grand Staircase trapped inside a portrait. Revealing the consequence of the next vault. The professors are unable to free Bea, but before you can do anything you are gathered by Filch for your year round detention of working in the Kitchen.

Hogwarts Mystery Year 5.png

Next you head off to the kitchen and you meet Jae Kim, who is also doing detention in the kitchens. He is a laid back Gryffindor who loves to bend the rules and bring in contraband. One of which you are allowed to select to keep for your journey. He suggests learning about extension charms from Flitwick, who then points you in the direction of Sir Headless Nick to learn more about what happened to Beatrice. After talking with the portraits around the poor trapped Beatrice, you learn she heard something before being taken into the portrait. Next, you are pointed at a student who has been learning how to make magical portraits. Her name is Badeea Ali who is working on a painting of Hogsmeade and another on Beatrice being trapped in the painting as a painting. And while you learn more about the process, it doesn’t help you learn how to get Beatrice out of the portrait.


After spending another day in detention and pissing off the house elves for being too happy, you are sent off for the day. Merula meets you and suggests locating the Marauder’s Map (one of my favorite objects from Harry Potter). And that Peeves may have stolen the map. After meeting with him, Peeves states he gave the map to someone that hated your brother, Jacob, almost as much as they dislike Potions. So off to potions you go. But you don’t learn anything from Snape other than Penny has been falling behind in Potions, as she’s too worried about her sister to focus on her schoolwork.

Next you’ll help Penny make a potion (Draught of Peace) to help her calm down. You can also express romantic interest in Penny during this stage. In turn, Penny will promise they will discuss their feelings after Beatrice is rescued. Or you can express that she’s your best friend and you’ll stick by her side through thick and thin.

Slytherin House Ghost
Hogwarts Mystery Duncan.png

As Peeves mentioned previously you need to look for Marauder’s Map, this leads you to talking to every house’s ghost (Fat Friar, Nearly Headless Nick, Grey Lady, and Bloody Baron). Only to learn that your brother had three friends, one who died and is now a ghost hiding somewhere in Hogwarts. This last friend was named Duncan Ashe and hated Jacob. But you don’t get any information from him in the end. So you go around until you find out from Torvus that Duncan died making an explosive potion, and felt betrayed by Jacob as he didn’t tell anyone it was all due to R.

Next you talk with Professor Rakepick about the Floo Network since you need to use it to get into Knockturn Alley. But you can only learn it from her if you prove you’ll be able to handle yourself. As she hints that you’ll be in danger at any turn. And you have to wear dark clothes so you don’t stand out as much from the other witches and wizards. So one of the tasks is to go into the Forbidden Forest where you run into the Chimaera that got loose. Apparently Liz has been feeding it and after she becomes a friend in your friendship list. Next, you learn from Rakepuck how to use the network, choose who will go with you, and head to Dumbledore’s office to use the Floo Network.

Hogwarts Mystery Chimaera.png

Next you head to Knockturn Alley in search for the dark wizard who knew your brother only to find he isn’t there. You check out a bookstore to find a book with a hidden message begging the reader to destroy the portrait vault. Unsure of the meeting, you head back to Knockturn Alley and are demanded to give something in exchange for going there. After a duel with one of the dark wizards, Professor Rakepick appears to help you out as she doesn’t want to lose her favorite apprentice.

You end up speaking with Mundungus Fletcher who apparently got the Marauder’s Map from Jacob (your brother). This is apparently the next thing you need in order to find and stop the vault that has imprisoned Penny’s sibling. In order to get information you have to gather the following dangerous ingredients: Venomous Tentacula Seeds, Acromantula Venom, and Chimaera Eggs. However, after gathering the ingredients you learn the map has made it’s way back to Hogwarts. Rakepick apparently recognizes the phrase Fletcher mentions about the individual who got the map. He also hints that it’s the same wizard/witch who attacked your character earlier. You search the castle for a vault portrait and end up going into the Gryffindor common room only to get caught by Percy Weasley.

Percy agrees not to say anything if you can find Scrabbers (his rat… Peter Pettigrew sorry Harry Potter spoilers). You search the entire castle and the Forbidden Forest until you find him in rat form with the Maurader’s Map in the corridor where the Cursed Ice Vault was located. Which after showing it to Rakepick she keeps it for safe keeping stating you would be more in danger with it. Before Rakepick takes the map, you find the attacker went to multiple locations including the Defense Against the Dark Arts, Flich’s Office, and your brother’s corridor. In your brother’s corridor you discover Rakepick did know your brother and was helping him with the vaults. Which you can confront her about, however if you do she will break your wand. And if you walk away… she still breaks your wand.

So it’s off to Ollivanders for a new wand. There are three choices like during your first year:

  1. Eleven-and-a-quarter inch ebony wand with a dragon heartstring core that’s perfect for combative magic. If you select “Individuality and combative magic” you will get this wand.
  2. Eleven inch redwood wand with a unicorn hair core which comes with good fortune. If you select “Good fortune” you will get this wand.
  3. Twelve inch laurel wand with a phoenix feather core that cannot perform a dishonourable act. If you select “Loyalty and questing for glory” you will get this wand.

I chose the first option. With the new wand in hand you’ll go meet with Mundungus Fletcher. Where you learn the map wasn’t stolen from him but sold to someone. He unfortunately doesn’t know who to, so you go to Hog’s Head Inn to ask around about Fletcher in attempts to learn who the buyer of the Maurader’s Map was.

After talking with Fletcher, you are summoned by Snape and Dumbledore who is finally back. They introduce you to Legilimency, the ability to read another person’s mind. Also well as that you’re a Legilimen meaning you can block others from reading your mind. This is also how your brother has been communicating with you over the last few years. Then Snape teaches you how to do it and sends you off to go practice it on others including Filch, Madam Rosmerta, Pitts, and Barnaby.

When you try to do the same on Rakepick, she blocks you from reading for mind so Snape teaches you the art of Occlumency. The ability to block anyone from reading your mind, but you will need much more practice before confronting Rakepick again. Snape afterwards sends you off to Dumbledore where you practice reading his mind. Only to find little to no answers other than Dumbledore is concerned about you and enjoys you to spend time with friends and focus on your O.W.L.S.

You meet up with your friends only for Rowan to be attacked by her. She asks which one of your friends should die. And are given the options: Ben, Rowan, or no one. If you pick no one, Barnaby steps in to save you as Rowan attacks. Ben helps to stop Rowan and you take her to the hospital wing. You meet with Rakepick and Snape who discuss that someone may have used one of the Forbidden Curses on Rowan. You can mention that you saw Percy in the courtyard as well. After you will meet Rakepick in Knockturn Alley, where she teaches your character about the Cruciatus Curse which is Forbidden. As well as asks you if you believe Rowan might be ‘R’.

You end up searching Rakepick’s classroom after another student has been sucked into a painting. Here you learn Rakepick is getting a bunch of cats to deal with the rats according to Kettleburn. So you end up going to the upper corridor where there are a bunch of rats being seen. Only to run into Peter Pettigrew who transformed out of being a rat. This will lead you into a duel. After Peter Pettigrew being the rat he is, spoils everything including that Peeves has the vault portrait which is a portkey. But he obliviates your memory before Rakepick appears, and since your memory is gone you can’t tell her anything.

Luckily you remember the part about Peeves having the vault portrait, so before going straight to Peeves you go to every house’s dormitory to talk to their house ghost to get some advice. As apparently Peeves has been hiding and knowing the poltergeist you know he’s just going to take off before handing over the portrait. Especially if he knows you want it. You can either talk to them with Merula or Bill. After getting assistance, you have to impress Peeves by causing chaos around Hogwarts including setting fire to a professor’s cloak, frog spawn bath in the Perfect’s bathroom, and food fight in the kitchen.

Next to appease Peeves, you need to come up with the biggest prank in the world. So you brainstorm with your friends and decide that you need to create a new spell in order to empress Peeves. The only person you know that has done so is Badeea Ali, so you go to visit her. She’s been working on a new spell that’s for shooting stars, but hasn’t been able to get it to work. So you go studying in the restricted section of the library, work with Professor Flitwick, and lastly discuss with Professor Snape. To find out the issue isn’t in the execution of the spell but the words. So after a little adjustment you get it to work at least on the painting. Also Charlie forgives you for the frog bath prank.

The spell isn’t enough for chaos and you need to obtain jinxed boomerangs from a dark wizard, and a troll from the forbidden forest. Then it’s time to put all of the pieces together to get Peeves to finally hand over the Vault Portrait. Starting with the boomerangs then dueling a Troll on the training grounds and ending with falling stars in the Courtyard.

After Peeves says you’ve caused enough Chaos to convince him to hand over the portrait. You visit his room where he lets you know it’s somewhere in the room, he just can’t remember where so you need to assist him in the search for the portrait. You hand it over to Rakepick who informs you to prepare to face dragons. So you go around learning about them with Merula, Charlie, and Bill. Then after learning everything you can you help Merula out with her fears of encountering her first cursed vault.

When you are complete you are tasked with choosing either Penny or Charlie to join when the portrait (Port Key) takes everyone to the vault. Ben will also request to join as he is trying to be braver, you can either accept or deny his help with the Cursed Vaults. Then you have to learn about Port Keys and the Cruciatus Curse from Rakepick. Once the hour has come for the journey to the cursed vault, you will head inside with your entire group. Then search around for how to get inside of the vault. Which requires knocking on a door to summon the dragon, duel and defeating the dragon using said unforgivable curse, and opening the door with Legilimens.

Only to learn that Rakepick is working with the group known as ‘R’ and she trapped Jacob (your brother) inside of the vault the last time she was here. She uses the Cruciatus Curse on Merula stating that one of your friends has to die. Only she doesn’t manage that as the group is able to stop her and she disapparates from the vault. The group heads inside and Jacob is freed from the portrait. He greets his sibling briefly before disappearing to head after Rakepick before she can get to the final vault.

But at least the curse is broken, your brother is somewhere and you’re back at Hogwarts using a port key to leave the vault with everyone alive. After escaping you’ll talk with Dumbledore about what happened, make sure Merula and Beatrice are ok, and help find Sickleworth (Rakepick’s Niffler) that was abandoned when Rakepick fled the vault. Then it’s time to celebrate with Bill as it’s his final year at Hogwarts. You end up throwing him a surprise party with Charlie and the rest of the Weasleys at Three Broomsticks after distracting him for a while. Where at the end your character is taken by Mad Eye Moody and comes back hours later stating that everything is about to change.

Love ya,

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