Hogwarts Mystery: Year 6 Overview

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Hogwarts Mystery: Year 6 Overview 1

Another year has concluded in Hogwarts Mystery meaning there is only one left. They slowly released this chapter as they started to do in year 4, so it takes longer to complete. Since friends often end up asking you about previous years or you need to recall things that happened in the past I wanted to create this little overview of what happened during the sixth year in Hogwarts Mystery as I have done with every year in the past.

Classes and things you’ll learn during your sixth year:

  • Potions: Wound-Cleaning Potion, Cheese-Based Potions, Laughing Potion, and Cough Potion.
  • Charms: Drought Charm, Knitting Charm, Relashio (earned when you reach level 10 friendship with Fred Weasley), Bubble Head Charm, Gouging Charm, and Flipendo Maxima.
  • Flying: Wollongong Shimmy, Taking Passengers, Strong Braking, and Riding Facing Backwards.
  • Transfigurations: Cauldron Cakes to Cabbages, Teacup Into Gerbil, Avis, and Pawn to Queen.
  • Herbology: Fluxweed, Knotgrass, Bouncing Bulb, and Sneezewort.
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Glumbumble, Diricawl, Fwooper, and Moke.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts: Ear-Shrivelling Charm, Langlock, Sea Urchin Jinx, and Levicorpus (earned when you reach level 10 friendship with George Weasley).
  • History of Magic: Uprising of Elfric the Eager, History of Wandlore, Witch Trials of 1692, Wendelin the Weird, and Gargoyle Strike of 1911.
  • Divinations: Palmistry, Tessomancy, Cartomancy, Crystal-gazing, annd Numerology.


Hogwarts Mystery: Year 6 Overview 2

Summer is over and everyone is still reeling from Rakepick’s betrayal in the vaults. You have been sworn to secrecy by Mad Eye Moody who you talk to at Hog’s Head after catching up with your friends before learning that Ben has completely changed his personality over the summer, from being scared by everything to being scared by nothing. Merula has also changed over the summer and wants to kill Rakepick using any means possible. So, basically Merula from year one but more ruthless.

Penny, on the other hand, is worried about Beatrice, who has changed since being trapped in a portrait for an entire year. She ends up becoming friends with Ismelda Murk and styling her hair more like her as well. After failing to convince Beatrice that Hogwarts is safe, she calls you to the courtyard with Snape that there is a new curse at the school where a student has become a stone statue.

After discovering the newest curse it’s off to Professor Trelawney’s class (Divination) where you will have your tea leaves read. Similar to Harry Potter’s experience she has a prophecy for you. One that’s rather vague involving murky water, final curse and the ultimate sacrifice. You’ll team up with Charlie only to end up researching with Percy in the library until the group is interrupted by George and Fred who are now first year students at Hogwarts. Percy and Charlie leave to go study more and you head to the Forbidden Forest to talk about Divination with Torvus. Since centaurs are masters at reading the future to gain some clarity on what you were told by Professor Trelawney.

Torvus, unfortunately, cannot make headway on the prophecy from Professor Trelawney and you will need help from the herd. However, they will not just hear from anyone and they especially do not like outsiders. So you are tasked with finding gifts that will please the herd. The first is herbs from the Herbology classroom of which you get three options:

  1. Sage: has mundane and magical uses including use in divination.
  2. Dittany: contains healing properties
  3. Lavender: has a variety of uses including insect repellent.

Next, you’ll get some rock cakes from Hagrid. And lastly, a special star chart from Badeea. These three gifts impress Torvus, he even makes a joke they don’t actually like the rock cakes either but it is a sign that you know someone liked by the herd. So, they will allow you into the camp to present the gifts for a chance for them to judge you on if they will help with deciphering the prophecy. The centaurs need more time to figure out the prophecy, so you head to Dumbledore to discuss your friends. Including Ben who threatened Mundungus Fletcher, who ends up spilling about some wizard in white robes. Who Dumbledore thinks might be a dark wizard from Japan (who attended Mahoutokoro).

Bill shows up to surprise everyone with lessons on Defense Against the Dark Arts since your teacher doesn’t actually teach you anything. Percy shows up after informing everyone that the twins, Fred and George, have gone missing. You first check the Grand Hall to see if anyone has seen them then can go with either Bill to the courtyard or Charlie to the Grand Stairwell to search for them. Either way, the next step is the Gryffindor Common Room where you discover a dungbomb has been set off clearing the space. After you’ll head to Peeves’ room where he informs you the twins have gone into the Forbidden Forest, where you’ll find them unharmed in the Red Cap hole. Apparently they went there after spotting your brother. After a wild goose chase you find your brother, but he doesn’t stick around past letting you know he’s find and going after Rakepick. Merula also seems to have developed a bit of a crush on him.

Hogwarts Mystery: Year 6 Overview 10

Merula warns you that your popularity at Hogwarts is gone and everyone is obsessed with the new first year student, Cedric Diggory. Who doesn’t seem to want all of the attention though everyone hangs out around him chiming in on how great he is. Your character can either be cool with his arrival or get jealous over it. After meeting him, you notice Sickleworth (Rakepick’s niffler) running by with a white feather. You chase after him stopping by the Care of Magical Creatures padlock then the medical wing then Jacob’s closet, where you also find your brother. The white feather is transfigured into a message from R stating that this year someone will die.

Hogwarts Mystery: Year 6 Overview 11

Your brother is going to continue on after the wizard in the white robe, while you’re going to go find the source of the feather by taking a trip to the Owlery where you run into Talbott. The white eagle owl however is no where to be found so you head to the Forbidden Forest, but you are too late. The white eagle owl flies away before you get close enough to Liz Tuttle. She recommends heading to Hogsmead Train Station to search, Tonks ends up joining you to search in the shadows for the white eagle owl. However, it’s not at the station so you end up going to Hog’s Inn to talk with Dumbledore’s brother. Only to learn this bird belongs to Rakepick or someone associated with her.

Hogwarts Mystery: Year 6 Overview 12

Since you can’t find Rakepick but do have the a letter than indicates R still wants to kill one of your friends. You decide it’s best to find out where Rakepick is to stop her. This means beating her to the last cursed vault. And you learn that she is after her dark objects that were left in her classroom. Only they ended up being moved to the Ministry of Magic according to Dumbledore. Meaning… you guessed it… it’s time to break into the Ministry of Magic, because why stop at breaking school rules let’s break the law. So, you track down a seller of an invisibility cloak. Only your friend Jae has pissed them off and it’s up to your character to make it better. In order to do this you need to brew a love potion with the help of Penny, which requires the ingredients of rose thorns, peppermint, powdered moonstone, and pearl dust. These last three ingredients Rowan assists you with collecting. Once everything is gathered, Penny helps you brew the potion as you help her sort of her issues with Beatrice. You can either tell her to give Beatrice the space she wants or to “stick together.”

Hogwarts Mystery: Year 6 Overview 13

Then you give the love potion over to Alistair in exchange for the invisibility cloak. However, before you’re going to break into the Ministry of Magic, you need to test it out and practice not getting caught while using the cloak. So, you go around Hogwarts listening in on various professors including:

  • Professor McGonagall & Professor Flitwick talking about the new exchange student from Castelobruxo arriving that day in addition to the dark wizard from Mahoutokoro still at large.
  • Hagrid and Professor Kettleburn discussing the Grindylows in Black Lake are behaving aggressively.
  • Professor Binns and Madam Pince discussing a research project Patricia Rakepick was looking into prior to her departure on the Merpeople.

Then it’s time for one last spot which is Hog’s Head Inn to eavesdrop on dark witches and wizards only to be discovered by Mad-Eye Moody. Who informs you it won’t work against the Ministry since they are trained to look out for that type of thing.

He warns you that the assassin is related the ‘R’ organization that Rakepick is part of and they are after you. Your character starts to debate if leaving Hogwarts would be the best solution, which you talk over with your friends (Merula, Tonks, Barnaby, Penny, Charlie, and Ben). Ben ends up attacking Charlie for agreeing that leaving Hogwarts might be best for you since Charlie doesn’t want anymore of his siblings hurt over the cursed vaults. You can either side with Ben or Charlie in this situation. Ben will end up taking you to the Spider Den where he has been attacking the Acromantulas. After dueling the Acromantula until it’s unconscious you can either state you support the new Ben or state you miss the way he used to be. He takes you to Cedric, who is in the dueling club with Ben and Diego, who states that he sees nothing wrong with Ben.

The two of you (Cedric) go to help Madam Pomfrey in the infirmary with the students that were turned to stone. Afterwards, she requests that more Pepperup Potions are made. Since Cedric doesn’t know how to create these, you’ll head off to find Penny for assistance who is still struggling with her sister. But first all of the Weasley brothers want your attention so you need to talk with them first and help them with their many issues including a prank on Filch that the twins don’t want to get busted for and a missing rat (surprise, surprise) for Percy. Charlie and Bill take care of the matter, so you can join Penny with brewing the potions. When you finish, Snape comes in and announces something awful has happened. It turns out Madam Pomfrey has been petrified in the Hospital Wing, and Cedric didn’t notice anything happen while he was there with her. One minute she was fine and the next she was stone. This is the first professor to be cursed.

Dumbledore announces that it is forbidden to leave the castle grounds after this due to the danger of the Wizard in the White Robe, and the growing threat of the Stone Curse. Of course, your character isn’t going to listen to this. After a lesson from Bill and some light research in the library, it’s off to Black Lake with Beatrice who sneaks out with you in the Invisibility Cloak. After searching the lake shore and finding nothing you decide to go back to the castle only to be attacked briefly by the Wizard in the White Robe. Which was the wizard that escaped on his journey to Azkaban.

Hogwarts Mystery: Year 6 Overview 18

Chiara assists with healing you, so you don’t have to tell a professor that you stuck off castle grounds. Granted, Dumbledore already knows and gives you detention with Beatrice in the kitchens. Penny arrives to learn what happens either from your character or Jae depending on your choice. Which Penny will be mad at considering her little sister joined you. After serving detention, it’s off to talk to Talbott who spotted the white owl in the owlery before it left leaving the letters behind.

However, they are in Japanese so you need to translate them in the library and learn there are white quills hidden at the Black Lake. Which is a warning about dementors and that the white robed wizard should stay near Hogwarts until further instructions are provided. Dumbledore is aware of this and warns students to cooperate with the Aurors and not to get in the way of the dementors. One of which is Mad-Eye Moody, who let’s you know that your brother was at the lakeshore when you were attacked and drove that wizard away, but he has since left to meet R in the forbidden forest.

Ben and Merula assist you with coming up for a strategy to go to the forest grove in search of Jacob (your brother). After upgrading the flipendo charm to do more damage, you do one of two things:

  1. If you already have your patronus, you will meet up with Tonks to discuss the possibility of facing a swarm of dementors. And she makes you promise not to do anything dangerous.
  2. If you do not have one, you will see Flitwick about charm. Though he will explain that he cannot simply teach you Patronus Charm because it requires a lot of time and effort in order to learn such a powerful spell.

Then the three of you sneak off campus. You manage to find one of the cursed artifacts that belong to Rakepick.

Hogwarts Mystery: Year 6 Overview 19

Only before you have a chance to leave you are surrounded by dementors as Tonks had warned. Your patronus is not enough to keep them at by; however, someone else with a lioness patronus is.

That’s right it’s Rakepick. She’s back and she wants to finish things that were started in the previous vault. Madam Rakepick will deflect Merula’s attacks with ease before knocking her off her feet first before turning her attention towards your character. After starting to attack your character and breaking through your protection shield, Ben steps in as your protector. He does alright at first with holding her off, then she’ll start relentlessly attacking him before things take a very dark turn.

Rakepick after Ben’s last attack is royally pissed off and decides to break out the Unforgiveable Curse, Avada Kedavra. However, out of no where Rowan appears and pushes Ben out of the way preventing the curse from hitting him. Leaving Ben, Merula, and your character in a state of shock over their death. Rakepick satisfied with the outcome and promise that one of your friends would die that year disapparates away. Your character, not knowing what the unforgiveable curse is, questions if there is a way to undo the effects. But there is not.

Before I get into the rest of the story, I want to pause for a minute to share my thoughts… as I had a lot at this part. For starters, I thought they were going to pull a Prisoner of Akzaban moment and the stronger patronus was going to be your own from a future version that came back to save the day. Or you would go into the forest to find Jacob dead. Or Jacob would be the one to jump in front of the curse, not Rowan. That surprised me. And it doesn’t seem like this is going to be reversed, as her character card says “Rowan may be gone, but friendship is forever.” Plus, you can’t completely reverse this one as she wasn’t on the brink of death then saved. She was shown dead. So, yeah… that shocked me. RIP Rowan.

Dumbledore gathers everyone in the Great Hall for a farewell to Rowan. And has canceled lessons to allow the Hogwarts community to grieve. He raises his wand to honor Rowan’s memory, and the rest of the school and faculty follow suit.

Afterwards, you talk to Charlie about why Rowan was in the forest in the first place. Apparently he had told Rowan what was going on with R and Rakepick. Rowan wanted to protect you and had been secretly following you to ensure your safety, so they had gone into the forest that night as well after you. Informing Charlie they were going to do so. Charlie feels guilty over this because Rowan may not have gone if Charlie hadn’t informed her of what was happening. Tonks comes to inform you that everyone is supposed to go to their common room, and that they are sorry for your loss as Rowan was your closest friend… your first friend since going to Hogwarts.

The next part varies based on your house, but I’m going to keep this generic on what happens across all the houses. The head of house informs everyone that the fugitive has left Hogwarts and the dementors have followed suit in search of him. Meaning students are now allowed to leave the grounds, and everyone decides to go to Three Broomsticks for butterbeer and share memories of Rowan. Though the mood improves, it’s still sad and your character states they can’t remember the last time they spent true quality time with Rowan. Which Jae will remind you it was when you made the love potion together. If you let Rowan accompany you, your character will have a fond memory of that.

After thanking your friends, it’s back to Hogwarts to check on Ben as he didn’t show up for butterbeer. He’s in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom with Merula discussing a way to honor Rowan’s memory. Merula wants to kill Rakepick and Ben isn’t in the mood to talk. But eventually he agrees that he wants to see Rakepick punished, and he’s struggling to deal with the fact that Rowan saved him. After convincing him that something needs to be done, the three of you decide to start your own secret organization.


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