Hourglass Vanish Foundation First Impression

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About two weeks ago, I decided instead of just using up the rest of the products that weren’t cruelty-free I would donate them and give them away so I wouldn’t keep using them. I could’ve sworn I had cruelty-free foundation, but it was only a really light coverage one that doesn’t really look the best on my skin on days were I could use some more coverage. So I went to Sephora and tried out literally every fair foundation in the lightest shade since that’s what I need. But they were all too dark or warm tone so I just looked like an oompa loompa. Then I remembered a video I saw both Jeffree Star and Tati did on Hourglass Vanish Foundation.

Now my Sephora doesn’t carry this brand in store so I decided to just order it online and hope for the best. There were two shades that I was going back and forth on, and decided just to purchase both. Those being Blanc and Alabaster. Blanc is a very fair foundation with cool undertones, while Alabaster is fair with cool undertones. So one of these two should be my skin tone while the other is either a highlight/full coverage concealer or a light contour. But I’m guessing it will be the first one… or I’m completely wrong I got two shades that don’t match my skin tone. If that’s the case, then I’m driving all the way down to Mall of America’s Sephora to exchange one of them and find one that does match. In retro respect I probably should’ve done this in the first place, but I didn’t because I was being lazy and didn’t want to drive forty minutes and struggle to find parking for another twenty minutes all just to test a single foundation. I do know that I am cool toned and somewhere between very fair and light depending on the brand.

There are 26 different shades in the range ranging from very pair (Blanc) to Deep (Espresso) with varying undertones of cool, neutral, and warm. This stick foundation is supposed to be full coverage and waterproof. Now waterproof I don’t care so much about other than that should help if I’m sweaty, but the full coverage is the thing I really wanted. Each foundation stick is 0.25 oz and costs $46. The stick is also triangular rather than circular so it’s easier to apply to the corners of your face.

The foundation overall really did match my skin tone perfectly. Blanc is the perfect highlighter under my eyes while Alabaster is my skin tone. The foundation did last all day long and I didn’t feel like I had a lot of makeup on even though it gave me full coverage for the day. So overall, I really enjoy this product and though the price is a bit up there for me, I will probably re-purchase it as this is the first foundation I’ve had that gave me the coverage I wanted, didn’t make me look orange or dead, and actually stayed looking nice all day long.

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