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I thought I would try something new. I’ve been wearing almost solely Azeredo Cosmetics lashes for the last six or seven months straight, and don’t get me wrong I love them. I have all of their styles and got a discount code with them (MAE10 for 10% off), but mine are getting extremely worn and I want some variety in my life so I thought I would try out some from House of Lashes. I ended up getting six pairs using their custom 3 packs for $36. Some of those sets are less but I went with the luxe and premium ones.

Since I have never tried or talked about this brand before I thought I would first share a bit about the company. They are a cruelty free brand based in SoCal. All of their lashes are using 100% sterilized human hair or synthetic fibers. And according to them they have “partnered with amazing factories in Indonesia that not only maintain our high quality standards, but also maintain a healthy, happy, and up to code work environment for their employees.” So they aren’t vegan due to the use of human hair for some lashes, but they don’t use any animals like mink for them.

The styles that I got were the following:

  • Midnight Luxe ($14): Dramatic flare with a spiked top later and a blended criss cross layer underneath.
  • Luna Luxe ($14): Wispy with dramatic volume. They are a rounded and tapered style.
  • Stella Luxe ($14): Has three layers with a wispy rounded style.
  • Radiant ($12): Has three layers with wispy ends.
  • Allura ($12): One of their best selling lashes. It’s dense and dramatic.
  • Knockout ($12): Rounded tapered style that are stacked/multi-dimensional.

There are more dramatic than any lash that I owned previously since they have multiple layers. Which is something I really wanted, as I just love a statement lash on the weekend. The closest I got to that in the past were stacked Ardell Demi Wispies or Azeredo Cosmetics Lashes in the styles Legendary or Hollywood, but they just didn’t have the same multi-dimensions these from House of Lashes have.

Let me know if you would like an update or full review later down the line when I’ve gotten to wear them a few times. Or a full false lash collection post where I wear each of the lashes. I’m game for either, otherwise you’ll just see mentions of them in posts and on my Instagram.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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