How I Got Into Blogging

A lot has changed over the last few months and I realized I’ve never once shared how I got into blogging on here. I’ve shared my blogging process, mistakes I’ve made along the way, and blogging a tips… but not how I got into blogging so let’s start from the beginning.

Mae Polzine.jpgNear the end of my Gaia online days where the name Mae Polzine was born. I really enjoyed writing in forums and was working on a novel that I wrote for myself never to be shared publicly. But it was fun especially participating in role play forums which were just massive fan fictions by multiple people. I had several characters I would write from the perspective of and even became a guild leader for a Twilight guild. No shame, I was obsessed back in the day and had almost every detail memorized. It was a lot of fun but wasn’t on a personal level.

Later, a friend in high school introduced me to Tumblr my first blogging platform, where I started sharing my book ideas under the name aSphere. Which rapidly just turned into what most Tumblr accounts became, a reblog of every fandom ever.

But I missed writing long form, and returned to writing novels then in 2015 after a Super Bowl commercial I decided to create a blog under the name of a Mae Polzine on SquareSpace. Under the premise it was a place for me just to explore any topic I wanted to on any level. From makeup finds that I was loving to video games that I was addicted to and needed to share every thought of. Over the years it’s evolved and changed, from separating the two subjects to bringing them back together.

And I know not every topic is for everyone. My gaming posts not get nearly a quarter of the views or love as my beauty posts. But I don’t care, if I want to write about a game since a major part of my life involves them then I’m going to do it. Especially if i new game comes out and I have way too many blog ideas about it (*cough* Subnautica). I know it’s probably a bit much but I love it! Same with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Though I’m going to restrict those posts just to weekends and anything involving my Twitch streams or gaming channel will be on the Gaming page of this blog. I’m debating on adding some weekly polls in there too that relate to what streams I do that week if I can’t decide between multiple games.

Who knows where this blog will go in the future, but no matter what happens it will always be my little corner to just share whatever. So hope you all enjoy!

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. princessmiiaa
    March 18, 2018 / 4:12 PM

    I started my blog as only makeup and with time I wanted to incorporate skincare and lifestyle posts. Do what ever makes you happy regardless of the views.


    • Mae Polzine
      March 18, 2018 / 6:27 PM

      Completely agree with you, as long as you enjoy your content that is all that matters. Views and everything else come second.
      ♥ Mae

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