6 Easy Ways to Style a Coffee Table

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Coffee Table Style 1One thing I’ve love to decorate in the living rooms are coffee tables. Growing up my parents never decorated our coffee table, and it’s always something I enjoy when watching HGTV or scrolling through the home design tag on Pinterest. So I thought I would explore this topic how how to style your coffee table.

  1. Flowers or Greenery. Fresh flowers are always a welcome sight on a coffee table! They add color and depth to your coffee table. I personally use fake succulents that I find at Target or Hobby Lobby.
  2. Amazing Trays. Trays look fabulous even if they are empty. I like gold and mirrored trays because of the way they catch and reflect light in the room.
  3. Heights and Levels. Create varying heights and levels in your displays. Use other decor items to do this. One book or a stack of books makes the perfect platform for a vase and other decor. Candlesticks are also a fabulous way to add height and interest. Cake stands come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to help you add drama to your design.
  4. Books. The well read coffee table! Not only do I enjoy reading books; I love them layered on my coffee table. They add interest, color, levels, and can provide an ice breaker in conversation.
  5. Bottom Shelf Basket. If your coffee table has a shelf, use baskets to store various things like blankets, throws or remote controls. Same goes for any type of clutter that you don’t want on the top.
  6. Use tiny touches to top your table stacks. Place little sparkly accents such as candles or gemstones on top of your trays or books. Be keen to match the colors or use them to help pull other elements in your room together.

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