How to Travel with a Cat

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All cat owners know just how intolerant and easy to stress out cats are and this fact is what makes a car trip sometimes really difficult for both cats and their owners. But traveling is sometimes simply unavoidable; fortunately, owners can take some measures which will help them make their fur balls at least a bit more comfortable. Here are a couple of tips which can help cat owners make their trips with their cats as stress-free as possible.

Consult your vet

Before starting a trip, it’s important to check with your veterinarian if your cat is healthy enough to travel. Your vet will probably give you some advice on how to make the trip more comfortable for your cat and they can even recommend you some medication for relaxation or something against motion sickness. Also, make sure your cat’s microchip information is up-to-date and always make sure your cat is wearing an ID that is easy to read in case it gets lost.

Practice can make things easier

In case you’re planning a longer trip with your cat, it’s a good idea to prepare the cat for it by taking it regularly on shorter car trips so it can get acclimated to the car and traveling. And since it’s best to take your cat on a trip in a travel carrier, it’s recommended your cat gets used to it. You can place it somewhere in your home out in the open, so your cat can spend some time in there and get comfortable in it. That way, the carrier will be the cat’s safe place and it will be more relaxed while in the car.

Take breaks during the trip

Every cat owner knows how much cats hate change and going on a trip is one big change for your furry friend who’s probably used to just being in your comfy home with everything they need and want within their reach. And being in a huge metal box that’s moving pretty fast can cause some serious stress to your kitten. One way to make the trip easier is to take frequent breaks, which will allow your cat to relax a bit. Remember to never leave your cat in the car alone in order to avoid any risk of heat strokes. Also, be very careful when you let it out of the carrier to stretch its legs a bit so it doesn’t run off and get lost (this is why a microchip is important).

Pack supplies

Traveling with a cat is no different than traveling with a baby in the sense that you need to bring certain supplies with you. In order to make the trip as stress-free as possible, aside from carrying the carrier, also make sure you bring your cat’s favorite blanket or pillow as well as its toys to make the cat feel more at home in the car. Also, don’t forget to bring water and food bowls. Bring your cat’s favorite Black Hawk cat food so you don’t change the food it usually eats. Also, make sure you bring along the same litter you usually use, so when you take a break, your cat can use the toilet.

Unless your cat got used to traveling when it was a small kitten, it’s unlikely it will suddenly enjoy going on a trip every week. It is, however, quite possible to make the trip more comfortable by being prepared for it, so remember to bring all the necessary items your cat might need. Also, remember to talk to your fluffy friend soothingly during the trip; your voice will be relaxing and will reassure your cat that you’re there with it.

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