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I Can’t Wait to Move


Who’s in the mood to rant? This girl! And since I don’t really have much to talk about on the blog, this seemed like a great idea. I haven’t read any new books just been revisiting ones I’ve already shared in the past. And as far as makeup goes, I haven’t tried anything new lately that I want to talk about or looks that I feel compelled to write an entire post about. So, we’re swinging over to the other avenue I use this blog for occasionally which is talking about my life. Specifically, I wanted to talk about wanting to move out of my apartment.

I’ve lived in my current apartment for two years. Something I’ve felt proud about as I’ve lived here independently and haven’t had to ask my mom for help once. The first time I lived alone, I had to get help every now and then. But I reached that point where I can balance my budget and support myself. So, moving into this apartment was a massive plus for me and don’t get me wrong there have been lot of things I liked. Mostly the area and the independence. But since quarantine started and I’ve been forced into the apartment 24/7 for a year, some aspects of the place are getting to me. To a point where I can’t wait to move when my lease is up. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m not going to renew for a third year.

What are those irritating things? Let me tell you.

  1. It’s dark all the time. The sunlight does not enter my apartment at any point during the day. Well, maybe for a small one-hour window in the Spring/Summer but otherwise it’s dark all the time. I have to have the lights on everywhere in order to see anything. Not to mention most rooms don’t have overhead lights, so I had to get lamps to sit in places to get light. And even then to brighten the room enough, the lamps are those glass kind so the lamp itself is harsh to look at.
  2. Fire alarm placement. I never gave it much of a thought where the fire alarm gets placed as long as there was one. But now having lived with an alarm almost directly above the oven, I can’t stand it. And it’s not one that I can just easily relocate since it’s mounted into the ceiling and hooked up to the main system of the apartment complex. So, whenever I took either on the stove or oven it goes off. To a point where it’s so loud that Pixie and I have heart attacks. Once it scared me, and I jumped which resulted in my arm colliding with the oven door and getting second-degree burns. I still have a scar from that. And since then I haven’t used the oven or stove, all my meals are delivery or microwave. Which isn’t healthy or cheap by any means.
  3. Going up and down stairs. I know this is just a thing that comes with apartment living and owning a dog, but I’m so tired of going up and down stairs multiple times a day just to let my dog outside. I’m planning on not going to an apartment when I move in July, but rather rent a townhouse. So, if there are stairs it’s just one level but those stairs just feel different. There’s no locking and unlocking doors or long corridors before you get where you need to go.
  4. I want another room. This isn’t so much a negative of my apartment building, but just the apartment unit I’m in. I got a one-bedroom because that’s all I needed at the time. I was working downtown, so the concept of having an office wasn’t something I needed. But before quarantine even occurred, we switched to working from home. And I’m annoyed over the fact I live in one room all the time. I want a separate room for an office from the rest of my living space. Granted, I’d probably still spend the majority of the time in the office, but at least my kitchen, dining, and living room wouldn’t also be in the office. If I needed a break, I could go somewhere else in the place and not feel like I’m still in it.
  5. Heat/AC sucks. There’s a thermostat but I’m positive it never works. In the winter, luckily, I never have to change the wall unit to heat anything. The apartment stays warm in the winter sometimes to a point where I have to turn fans on. But the real kicker is the moment the weather gets above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. My apartment feels like it’s 80 degrees unless I have the AC unit on max. Which is insanely loud. I can barely hear my computer when the speakers are set to 100%. The only way I can hear anything is with headsets, but I shouldn’t have to do that when I’m alone in my apartment. Not to mention it’s loud for anyone I’m on calls with. My microphone picks it up.

Those are the main reasons. It’s going to suck paying utilities again, right now the only thing I pay for is electricity and internet. But there’s going to be the gas, water, and trash bill to consider unless I find somewhere that covers those. It’s still a month too early to look for a new place. But second I can start truly hunting for a new place, I’m going to be looking everywhere.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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