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I Have No Idea Where to Start My Book TBR


In a recent post, I mentioned how I did a massive book haul. That’s a bit of an understatement. So, I decided to pull every book off my shelf that I want to read. And honestly, I have no idea where I even want to start with tackling this pile. Granted, I already started it last month and have posted reviews on every book that I read. This is not even everything if I’m being 100% honest. There are some books I got last year that should be in here as well, but considering how many books this already is I didn’t go back to grab those. Maybe I’ll end up reading those before some of these, but I thought this would be a fun post to do while I debate on what to read next. Hell, you guys might help me pick which one to start with.

Here are the books that are sitting in my physical TBR:

As I mentioned there are other books too. And my goal is not to buy anymore until I made serious progress on this current list. I do have some books in preorder for series I have already started where I’m waiting on the next book. Most of those aren’t for later this year. So, the goal is to get through these before then. If I have a month like April, I’m looking at my current Spring and Early Summer reading list right here. I know the third book of the Persephone POV by Scarlett St. Clair releases this month on the 25th, so that’s in here as well as I do have that pre-ordered.

Please don’t spoil any of these books for me, I’ve been trying insanely hard not to see any spoilers for these books. Which is especially hard on TikTok. Like for Den of Vipers, I know there’s something with a bottle regarding that one but I have been swiping away quickly so I don’t know exactly what that’s in reference to. Anyways, without telling me spoilers which book do you think I should start with? Or should I just close my eyes after spreading the books out and grab a random one then start there?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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