I Tried Following Atleeeey’s Grunge Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Happy Halloween everyone!

Today I’m following a Atleeeey Halloween makeup tutorial that she did this year as part of her Ashtoberfest series. I would so do a Halloween series… but I don’t have time to do that. But I can do a special Halloween video trying to follow her tutorial. And the look that I was super excited and inspired by was her Grunge Glitter Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial.

Grunge Skull Makeup 1Grunge Skull Makeup 2Grunge Skull Makeup 3Grunge Skull Makeup 4Grunge Skull Makeup 5

Before we get into me trying to recreate her look. I just wanted to mention what I’m most likely doing while you’re reading this post. And that is marathoning horror movies on Netflix. As that’s my Halloween tradition even though I HATE jumpscares (and yes I know I played Five Nights at Freddy’s/FNAF on my gaming channel for today but I hated every minute of it). Jumpscares are so unnecessary nine times out of ten. And half the time it’s for the dumbest reason or just to remind you that you’re watching a horror film. Not because something scary is actually happening at that moment. The only other time I’ll stand jumpscares is at a haunted house, but only if I’m in a joking mindset going into it. And never ever if I’m at the back of the group, I need to lead or I’m just not having it. Besides horror movie marathon, I’m also probably reading scary stories that I’ll regret when I go to bed like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. And I’ve read them all before, some multiple times. But that collection of short stories, always get me. Some times it’s ones that I didn’t give much thought to before, but on that day it’s just “nope.” What are your Halloween traditions?

Ok, now for what you came for today… Here is the video from Atleeeey that I tried following:

And here is me following the tutorial to create the grunge skull you saw at the beginning of this post:

Hope you enjoyed and have a fun/safe Halloween!

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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