Ideas for a Relaxing/Cozy Evening

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Recently I’ve been very into burning candles every night before I go to bed. So much so that candles I’ve had for years are finally meeting the end of life. The most recent candle I’ve gotten is from Fragrant Jewels and is called Harmony. Which gave me the idea to share my ideas for a relaxing/cozy evening.

I’m going to be trying not to use the overused ideas like taking a bath with a bath bomb though that’s something I do every time for a relaxing evening. But these are going to be somethings that are a little different about will lead to a lovely and cozy evening.

  • To begin with start out with putting on your most comfortable outfit. I go with my favorite loose fitting black tank and a pair of yoga pants. If it’s colder in the house then I’ll also throw on my favorite hoodie.
  • Get yourself some comfort food or warm drink. Depending on my mood, I would either go for some popcorn, ice cream, or cheesecake. And for my warm beverage, I would get myself some hot chocolate.
  • Next, go to your favorite spot in the house.  Mine is currently a reading nook that I set up in my bedroom. Or making my bed super cozy with lots of blankets and pillows.
  • Make the room that spot is and create some warm lighting. In my room, I set up my fairy lights and light a candle. Which as I said is currently one from Fragrant Jewels called Harmony. This scent is so calming and helps me relax.
  • Play some relaxing music. As much as I love fast pace music, putting on some slow rock or classical music when I want to relax really helps put me in the mood. Also doing this routine at night helps me fall asleep.
  • Catch up on reading. This month I decided I wanted to join Book of the Month so that way I had to force myself to read at least one book every month. And the one I choose for this month was One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul, which is a collection of fierce and funny essays about growing up.
  • Watch some Netflix. Put on a TV show or movie and just binge to your heart’s content. Currently, I’m watching 13 Reasons Why.

How do you make yourself a relaxing evening?

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