If I Could Go Anywhere… My Travel Bucket List

I am a homebody as well as someone with wanderlust. I want to see the world, but I also enjoy spending time at home, cuddled up on the couch (or at my desk). And almost all of my previous travel adventures have been with my family. But, whenever I did travel, some of my favorite things were traveling somewhere new, learning about the history of those locations, and experiencing new things. The polar opposite of who I am at home. So, I thought it would be fun to talk about the places I would love to visit someday in the future. Or, more specifically, the things I would like to do/experience.

I’m setting a new goal for myself to visit at least one new location each year (outside of work). You know, utilize my PTO to travel. Especially because I get to fly for work. These last few trips made me want to expand my horizons, and start exploring more.

Where would I love to go or experience?

Hiking trips

I want to go on more hikes. I enjoy being outside and hiking on paths. My mother and I have previously gone on waterfall hikes. But I’ve never traveled far for these excursions, and none of them included overnight stays in any of the locations. They only lasted a few hours. But I’d like to go on longer hikes in the future. The kind where you have to camp overnight, however, I would make sure it was near a campground. I may be adventurous, but I’m not going to camp in the middle of nowhere. I need some structure.

My cousin goes on vacations like these with her hubby. They always have fantastic images from their vacations and they sound amazing. So, it is something I would like to do someday.

Anywhere in Europe

I don’t have a precise destination in mind. I used to fantasize about backpacking around Europe since I wanted to visit so many places: Scotland, England, Italy, Spain, France (Paris), and so on. I still need to get a passport, but one day I’ll go there and see everything I’ve always wanted to see. I know backpacking is no longer an option, but perhaps a week trip to one of the locations at some point would be a good start.

Places I Went as a Kid

When I was younger, my family took me to Disney World and South Dakota to see the Bad Lands… and I don’t recall a single thing about any of those places. So, I’d love to go back there sometime and relive the experience. I think that would be a lot of fun. Mostly because I’d be able to recall it. Plus, I’m sure my adult eyes would see it differently than my kid eyes.

Not to mention that Disney has the Wizarding World, which I would love to visit while wearing Ravenclaw robes and receiving my own wand. I wasn’t a Harry Potter fan as a kid, but I do now, so I’d love to do that. I’d also like to visit another Disney park in the United States to participate in the Star Wars experience, like building my own droid and lightsaber. What would I do with these things? Good question, but I’d want to do it regardless of how expensive it is. They would probably go in my office somewhere with the rest of my nerdy items.

Teenage Mae on the lake

Staying a Long Weekend in a Cabin

My family had a cabin or camper that we would go to virtually every weekend in the summer from the time I was born until I was a freshman in high school. We no longer have either, but I’d love to start doing it again. Though I would definitely rent a cabin rather than own one. For starters, I cannot afford one. However, I miss being on the water, boating, skiing, and tubing. So, hiring a cabin and a boat for a long weekend sounds like a lot of fun to me.

There’s more I’d love to do, but most of them fall into these categories. So, yeah that’s everything I would love to do in the future. We’ll see how often I’m able to do any of these things. But I hope I can make it happen in the future.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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