I’m Obsessed With The ColourPop x Disney Villains Collection | Overview of the Collection & First Impressions

Let me just say I’ve been obsessed with Disney my entire life, and honestly some of my favorite characters from the movies are actually the villains. Plus ColourPop releases bomb products so I got almost the entire collection. I skipped out on a few of the glosses and all of the creme lipsticks since those aren’t things I would reach for. But I thought I would get two of the glosses since I don’t have any in my collection, and on an extremely rare occasion I want a gloss.

Also the packaging, I’m in love with the packaging on every item. It’s creative and just screams Disney villains to me. ColourPop has really stepped up their packaging designs in the last two releases. I am curious if they’ll keep this up or if some will be more basic as some of the other releases.

Misunderstood Palette

Unlike the original Disney collaboration, this palette was anything but neutral. With a total of 15 shadows with a combination of matte, duochrome, and metallic finishes. It costs $22 with no mirrorand snippets of the villains on the cover, and has a net weight of 15 x 1.00g (0.04oz). Here are the shade descriptions:

  • No Spots: matte pure white
  • Mongrels: metallic pinky ivory
  • Diablo: metallic lime
  • Devious: matte terracotta
  • Tragic: matte soft warm beige
  • Underworld: metallic bronzey copper
  • Pain & Panic: metallic mid-tone gold with peachy pink flecks
  • Forest of Thorns: metallic orchid
  • Flotsam: metallic baby pink with blue glitter
  • The Fates: matte deep blue
  • Revenge: matte charcoal grey with silver glitter
  • Sing: metallic dark brown with hot pink to gold duochrome flip
  • Jetsam: metallic denim blue with teal duochrome flip
  • Facile: metallic rich olive green with gold flecks
  • 101: matte black

Super Shock Highlighters

I love ColourPop’s Super Shock Highlighters as they are super creamy and buttery soft. They also apply wonderfully with your finger or brush. So I got all six of them even though they do not all work for my skin tone. Each super shock highlighter costs $10, includes a mirror and has 4.2g (0.15oz) of product. The shades in order of the items below are:

  • You Idiots! You Fools! You Imbeciles!: Pale peach with coppery flip and flecks of silver.
  • Meet Me On the Other Side: Peachy Gold
  • Fairest Of All: Champagne Gold
  • Everybody’s Got a Weakness: Peach with hot pink flip
  • Mistress Of All Evil: Icy Champagne
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls: Opalescent Lavender

Swatches from left to right: Everybody’s Got a Weakness (Hades), Poor Unfortunate Souls (Ursula), You Idiots! You Fools! You Imbeciles! (Cruella), Fairest of All (Evil Queen), Mistress of All Evil (Maleficent), and Meet Me On the Other Side (Dr. Facilier).

Jelly Much Shadows

Typically when I get the latest release of Jelly Much Shadows I don’t show them off on the blog though I do have the entire collection as I love these. Especially when getting ready for work as they make putting on makeup so easy. Each one costs $8 for 6.5g (0.23oz) of product. These also don’t crease during the day and have no fallout. Shades in the collection in the order of the swatches:

  • Perfectly Wretched: Pinky icy taupe with multicolored glitter.
  • Not Today: Jade Green with multicolored glitter.
  • Spindle: Cool toned lavender with a champagne gold flip.
  • Cursed: Antique Gold.
  • Just Your Voice: Electric blue with a purple duochrome flip.
  • I Own You: Coral red with orange duochrome flip.

The only Jelly Much Shadow I found off is the Not Today shade as it’s much more chunky. But that could’ve just been the shadow was more dried out on the lid where I took product off of for the swatch. But you can see that thickness on my arm. Not bad since you can blend it out to look closer to the others but it was the only inconsistency I found in the Jelly Much Shadows from this collection.

Ultra Glossy Lip

As I mentioned in the beginning I only picked up two of the six glosses as I don’t really wear lip gloss that often. Even though I freaking love Disney, I was already buying a lot of the rest of the collection so I held myself back on buying even more product I wouldn’t touch. The two glosses I ended up getting were:

  • Puppies!!!: See-through gloss with flecks of gold.
  • Sad But True: Opalescent Blue

Each of the Ultra Glossy Lips cost $7 for 3.0g (0.11oz) of product. These have a lot of shine without feeling sticky. Which is the main reason I never wear gloss, I just hate sticky lips where my hair ends up just clinging to the gloss. These also have jojoba oil to moisturize and nourish while making your lips look fuller.

Overall Thoughts

I think the products are amazing! And I’m not just saying that because I love ColourPop or Disney. The only exception was the one Jelly Much Shadow that I’m still not sure if it’s all of the Not Today Jelly Much Shadows or I got a dried out one. But you can still work with them to get the desired effect. I can see myself using all of these products often. Let me know if you would like a 3-looks-1 palette using the Misundestood Palette or an updated break down of all of the Jelly Much Shadows that have been released since I haven’t done one since initial launch.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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