In 10 Years Time… Dreams for the Future

At the beginning of the years, I did a post called “In 5 Years Time…” And in eight months I have changed my mind on some of these goals. And I wanted to expand this to my 10 years goal. So in ten years I’ll be 34 years old almost 35. When I did my five years goals, I honestly didn’t have that many things besides the typical boring and rather vague things. But I’ll reflected a lot on what I want out of the future and this is the first time in my life that I can actually imagine one. It’s no longer a blank. So let’s just start listing off all the things I wish to either accomplish or achieve in that time period.

  • Adopt another dog. I really want either a Klee Kai Mix or German Shepard Mix… possibly both as I really want to have three dogs at one time at some point. And I know this is going to be a really sad thought, Pixie might not be around anymore or only have a few years left as she’ll be fourteen in ten years. But let’s not think of that. I’m just picturing three dogs running around with their tails wagging.
  • Be an least engaged, if not married. I suppose that first requires that I meet someone and date for a while. Plus they have to be totally fine with the fact that I’m asexual and still want to have three children in the future. Why three? I don’t know, I just really want to have three kids. No preference on boys or girls. I would love them equally.
  • Have my own online makeup brand called Howl Beauty (just a running name at the moment). Still need to figure out how to produce everything. OR save up to hire a manufacturing company that could produce these products for me.
  • Own my own house where I shall live with my three dogs and at some point my three children though that doesn’t have to all happen in the ten years. But at least one or two of them being born would be amazing. And since I’m asexual they will most likely be inseminated or adopted.
  • Be able to work from home for the large majority of time. Or be completely self-employed with my makeup brand as I will do that at some point in the future. It’s not something I’m just going to let slip away from me.
  • Develop my own video game or help produce one. I have an idea of a game I would love to see produced, but I still need to learn how to develop one.
  • Have all my debt paid off and never have to worry about going back into debt. If possible, help my sister and mom to also never have to worry about money either.
  • Get a cosmetology or esthetican license, possibly both as I think they would help out with the makeup brand dream.

As you can tell, I really want to go from being just a makeup lover/collector and make a career out of it at some point in the future. But I don’t see that happening any time in the near future, so in the meantime I’m just going to stay in my current career until I can make the official switch. As I said, I need to save up for it and learn how to produce everything. And I can see this possibly happen towards the end of that ten years time period. But you never know, it could happen sooner. Why a brand and not just makeup artist? Honestly, I don’t see myself being someone who just does makeup on others. But creating makeup would be a dream. And I also want to have some of the profit from all sales go towards animal rescues and ending animal cruelty. All products would also be recyclable and ethically sourced. Because why have it any other way? Yeah… I have ideas for what I would love to produce but I would never release it until it meets the high expectations I have for everything. Plus I don’t want it to see like everything else that’s already on the market. I want it to be really unique and not cheaply made. I want it to be really like quality and probably would price it in that lower mid-range. Again, not something coming any time soon but a girl can dream.

What do you want to achieve/accomplish yourself in ten years time?


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