In a Hurry Makeup Routine

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During the work week I am in the horrible habit that I’m trying to break of staying up too late then hit the snooze three times in the morning so I only have fifteen minutes to get ready. Ten of which are given to Pixie just to wait for her to eat her breakfast since I can’t leave her side or she’ll just let my roommate’s dog eat it for her while barking at her not to touch it. So my morning routine is a bit of a rush. I’ve actually got it down to an art at this point of throwing on clothes, makeup and doing my hair in the left over 5 minutes. And that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing… but here’s my in a hurry makeup routine.

In a Hurry Makeup Routine 1

So when I’m in a rush during this whole ordeal every morning, makeup is minimal yet at the same time looks like I spent more time on it. Instead of spending a lot of time with primer, foundation, and the rest of the whole nine yards for just my base I simplified it to a moisturizer and a primer if I remember in my sleepy haze then apply some concealer under my eyes and on any spots around my face. This is enough to make it look like I did the full face. And since you don’t have foundation on, you don’t end up looking flat so you can skip out on contour and bronzer since that takes too long to properly blend out in the five minutes you get for this routine… or at least that’s how long I have.

In a Hurry Makeup Routine 2

Eyeshadow is also something I will just grab a single shade and smudge that on the lids with my fingers. Then I apply my eyeliner rather thick on the top with a flick at the end. This opens up your eyes and makes you look like you’ve been awake for a while. Next I apply a small about of mascara on my upper and lower lashes. Just enough to give that open and awake look.

If you managed to do this all in record time, grab a highlighter and put it in the inner corner of your eye and along the cheekbone. If not, it’s just extra so you can easily skip this.

Then to complete off the look, apply a bold lipstick to distract from everything else. And call it a day as you rush out the door. Or put on a nude and say you’re having a natural makeup day. And for me since I need glasses or contacts to see, I will throw on my glasses to save a bit of time getting ready as well.

In a Hurry Makeup Routine 3

What’s your “in a hurry” makeup routine? I would love to know how you cut the corner and still manage to look like you spent a good amount of time trying to look flawless.

In a Hurry Makeup Routine 4


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