Inspiring Window Bay Seating Areas

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I love going on Pinterest and looking at random home design elements to dream about one day having a place of my own. And one thing I have always loved are window bay seating areas. They are just a cozy spot to cuddle with your little animal, a blanket, and a book. I especially love them during a rain storm as you can watch the weather without being in it… not that my dog Pixie would agree with me on that. But on a nice sunny day, I could totally see her up on the bay seat bathing in the warmth.

So these are just a few inspiring window bay seating areas that I found on Pinterest that make me really want to have one in my next place. Now can make one using bookcases and cushions. While others you might have a window seat area already built in. And you can put them in almost any room in the house.

Window Seat Area 1

Window Seat Area 4.jpgAlso if you make one yourself, you can add some additional storage into your place. Which can be the perfect place to put books, shoes, throw blankets, or board games depending on where the window seat is located. I especially love books under the window seat, as you can put all of your favorites under there to grab easily when you want to cuddle up.

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