Instagram Accounts That Deserve Love

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I really love going on Instagram and recently I’ve deserved some new accounts that could seriously deserve more love. Their photographs are absolutely amazing!

Kimberley Margarita

I love her makeup looks! They are so artisy at the same time unusual. I also love the pops of color and how she creates all these looks that are unique yet at the same time similar feeling to each other. I also really love her YouTube channel, which I discovered during last year’s NYX Face Awards.

Kirsten Zellers

I love her Instagram account, her hair is literally #hairgoals. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have cool tone hair due to previously having red hair or blue hair due to work, but if I could I seriously would do this color because it’s so gorgeous. Plus her pictures are just #goals in general.

Abbie Katrina

Her Instagram account is so cute and inspiring on how to take good lifestyle type pictures as that’s not something I’m really good at. Landscape/nature sure I can do that in my sleep… fashion or lifestyle and I sit there with my camera unsure of how to get it just right. Which is why I love Abbie’s photos so much as they are inspiring me to step outside my photography comfort zone and try something new.

Courtney Marie

I love her fashion photography and it’s actually inspiring me to maybe bring back fashion type posts. Not on a weekly basis as I had been trying to do but just in general. Plus it’s shown me a lot of cute ways to style my clothes which is always a major plus! Plus I love the filter she has for her theme.

Courtney Steeves

Her photographs are seriously #lifestylegoals. They all are so cheery and full of adventure. This also is a huge lifestyle photography inspiration account for me as I try to develop better skills in that category.


Her shadow is seriously amazing! I love everything from her color selection to the fun eyeliner that goes with it. I seriously want to try creating some of these looks because I really want to get better at doing more interesting looks. As I haven’t experimented too much with color eyeshadow.

Senae Nelson

They post such cute and amazing photos! Like #familygoals seriously. I hope way in the future when I have a family of my own we take as cute pictures as they do.


I love nature photography, it is my favorite thing in the world. And these photos are stunning. They really give me that #wanderlust feeling.


Her photos are so cute! I love the tones that she has carried throughout her pictures that give off the boho vibe.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts that need more love?


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