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Instagram Made Me Buy It


Now I’ve been loving watching these types of videos on YouTube and then after watching a Safiya Nygaard video of “I Bought the First 5 Things Instagram Recommended to Me,” I decided to do this myself. Now I did limit myself to a grand total of $100 and I did reach this with tax, so I got 4 items in total based off the sponsored posts that I got. Now a lot of these I had to skip as they were too much or were not cruelty free. And just because I’m buying things off of Instagram recommendations, doesn’t mean I’m going to just drop my ethics.

Jamber Jewels Origami Fox Charm Bracelet

The first thing that I got was this bracelet from Jamber Jewels that I have seen show up a lot on both Facebook and Instagram. And I love the idea of these origami charms as they are so cute! The one thing I was hoping when I ordered this is that my skin wouldn’t be allergic to this. As my skin randomly will decide to be allergic to things. Such as earrings can only be surgical metal or titanium in order for me not to have issues. And various other metals will have issues. So we shall see about this one. The bracelet was only $25, and I love this little fox!

Alexandria NYC – The Gemini Aviator Sunglasses

This one they were celebrating their anniversary and were offering the first 100 people the offer to have a free pair of sunglasses that are usually $65 for free as long as you pay for shipping. So I got these gold framed sunglasses with sky lens for only $9.95. When aviators became a trend a few years ago, I didn’t think they were for me as I didn’t think they would look good. But of course I never tried it on, so I really didn’t have a comparison. Now I’m in love with this style! Plus I’m over only having sunglasses that I got for free from concerts.

oVertone Extreme Red Daily Conditioner & Deep Treatment

So I’ve been getting a little over having to dye my hair every three weeks with basically bleach with toner as it’s killing my hair. So I started seeing a cruelty free color conditioner that dyes your hair vibrant colors. They are all unnatural colors minus silver (which is somewhat natural) in various shades from pastel to vibrant to extreme. And I love red hair a lot, and have always wanted extreme red hair but have never done it to the extent I wanted to. So I’m really excited to dye my hair with this. Especially as you use this as your conditioner this will help not destroy your hair plus help you keep the roots away. The daily conditioner was $18 and the deep treatment was $29, so with tax it was about $54. But you can save on future purchases by subscribing, which I ended up doing after receiving the first set as I am seriously in love with having red hair. I might dye my hair with another type of dye that’s slightly darker and use the oVertone more as a touch up in between the main dye. I haven’t fully decided on that yet. If you know any good almost blood red dyes that are cruelty free, please let me know.

What have you tried in the past that showed up in your Instagram feed?


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