Instagram: Pros and Cons of Having a Theme

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I have recently re-fallen in love with Instagram when I introduced a theme to my account. Now I didn’t remove all my old pictures as they are memories that I would like to keep. Instagram is a great way to share moments, memories, and updates. A lot of users just casually post as I used to while others use it for branding. Some people do these that are purely black and white, heavily focus on a single color like white, or have a uniform filter.

I recently decided to start using a theme myself, inspired by Mykie from Glam and Gore, by having just three photos back to back that match. So each row is uniform. And through doing this I have noticed several pros and cons to having a theme for you Instagram account.


  • They are sleek, professional, and uniform.
  • Great way to emphasise your brand whatever it may be. From clean/bright lifestyle feed to advertixing products or business.


  • You are limited to what you can post. Only have one good photo from an event that doesn’t really match your theme… then you can’t post it. Thus your freedom to post anything you want is limited.
  • If you want the entire feed to fit into your theme, then you have to delete your precious memories. Now I didn’t do this but some people do consider this when switching over to a theme.

What are your thoughts on Instagram themes?

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