Pros and Cons of Newsletters & Why I Decided to Create One

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Many of my favorite bloggers have newsletters and originally when I started my blog, I had one but never ended up using it. But I’m actually really inspired to create one, so I hope you all like it. These are only going to be sent out weekly on Thursdays at 4:00 Central Time. I’m going to be offering announcements, updates, and freebies in these emails. They won’t always have all three, but will generally have one of them.

So if you would like to subscribe to the newsletters, I would really appreciate it! Sign up is in the sidebar or at the bottom of this post!

Why Now?

As I said I’ve been seeing a lot of other bloggers doing this and sometimes it’s just extra noise, while other times they offer a lot of great content straight to my inbox that I otherwise would miss out on. Plus I really love when there are freebies within newsletters. So this is something I wanted to do at least every month to every other month for my Bugsy members. And deciding to create a newsletter, I looked up all the pros and cons before I decided to create one. These are just some of those:


  • With sites such as Mailchimp, it can be FREE to set up your own e-newsletter and distribute it to thousands of people.
  • Creating a signup form is super easy.
  • Mailchimp offers free templates that allows you to make your newsletter visually stunning without complicated desktop publishing skills or packages.
  • HTML click-throughs can bring people from emails into your website to a page of your choosing.
  • List management- you can tell who reads your newsletter and clicks through. And on the flip side, you can tell who is not opening your newsletters, and hence target your marketing accordingly.


  • Easy to delete email if a person is too busy.
  • Tempting to overload a newsletter with far too much information.
  • You can lose subscribers with the click of a button.
  • People who check email on phone might not be able to read your newsletter.
  • E-newsletters can be easy to produce, and yours can be lost in the noise of everyone else’s.

Let me know your thoughts on newsletters and what you love to see on them!

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