Irresistible Me Hair Royal Remy Clip-In Hair Extension Review

Around two years ago I got my first set of clip-in hair extensions, but after I got them I completely changed my mind on what hair color I wanted then went down a bleach blond phase followed by a red/wine color. I did cut and dye my extensions for the red but never ended up wearing them as my hair was already long. Plus my hair color was changing so rapidly it didn’t seem right to keep adjusting the hair extensions to match it. But as the year drew to a close, I cut off most of my hair and dyed it brown. I cut it short mainly to get back to healthy hair and ends, but I love long hair. So I wanted a set of hair extensions, and I’m not planning on changing to a different color any time soon. Thus the idea of getting hair extensions came back into my mind. And the first place I went to in order to find clip-in hair extensions was Irresistible Me, who sent me my first set originally. And I loved their silky touch extensions. But my hair is really thick and full of volume, so I didn’t think that set would look natural. I ended up ordering the Royal Remy set which is supposed to have more volume so the lower half would match my upper half better.

I got the Royal Remy clip-in hair extensions that are 14 inches long and 200g, which is the shortest length but most volume. In total these are $175. When I first got extensions, I got 20 inches with 200g. Which was too long for me, I looked drowned out by the hair. Which is why I decided to go with 14 inches since that length I’m more comfortable with. Since I already did a full review on Irresistible Me previously for the Silky Touch Clip-In Extensions, I’m only going to mention the differences between the two. Check out the previous review for everything else as my thoughts are still the same.

Types of Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

  • Silky Touch: Made from 100% Remy human hair extensions where the thickness decreases slightly towards the end to look like normal hair. Great for adding volume and/or length to your own hair.
  • Royal Remy Hair: The premium line of clip-in hair extensions. The hair extensions are given a special treatment to make them more silky and durable. Unlike the Silky Touch they do not decrease in thickness towards the end
  • Volume Vixen: This is for anyone that wants volume as they are only available in 260 grams and 20 inches in length. Like the Royal Remy Hair they receive the same special treatment for silky touch and durability. As well as same thickness from top to bottom.
  • Ponytails: Extensions designed to give any ponytail instant volume and texture without damaging your natural hair.

How To Use Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

  1. Prepare the hair extensions by brushing them and opening the clips. First thing you’ll be using is the 4-clip (or 3-clip if you are using less hair or have thinner hair) for the inner bottom of the hair.
  2. Now make a half pony and clip or tie it up.
  3. Position the widest hair extension at the center, lining it as close to the scalp.
  4. Clip in the hair extensions by snapping the clips close.
  5. Do the same with the next widest hair extension, this time a little higher than the first one. Section the top half into another half and position the hair extension in the middle.
  6. Next do the sides.
  7. Finish off with the front-side hair extensions on either side of your face.

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