Is Bigger Better? Review of the Kathleen Lights x ColourPop So Jaded Shadow Palette

Previously the biggest ColourPop palette was like sixteen shades, but they have released in collaboration with Kathleen Lights a thirty shade Shadow Palette called So Jaded. Which is inspired by crystals and gemstones. Every time I reach into the palette, my mind instantly goes to Steven Universe. Maybe as I’ve just watched that show one too many times. Anyways, I’ve been playing around with the palette quite a bit since I purchased it on the day it launched. I held off on reviewing it mainly as I haven’t had time to blog with work, but I’m getting around to it now. So let’s dissect this palette and my thoughts on the formula.

Break Down of Palette & Formula

This palette is packaged in a cardboard container that does not include a mirror, which is probably to save on the cost of the palette for the consumer since this one is at $39 making each shade roughly $1.30. Compared to other palettes the shadows is around their usual price point of $1.33 per shadow pan. Most of the pans are 0.90 g (0.03 oz) of product expect for Diamond (the super shock shadow) as that one is 1.40 g (0.05 oz) of product.

As for the formula there is a mixture of 1 super shock shadow (Diamond), 14 matte and 13 metallic shadows, and 2 pressed glitters (Topaz and Opal). I am not a massive fan of glitter it just gets everywhere including your eye, but that’s an exclusive statement to ColourPop. That’s a general thing, especially since these are not eye safe. As for the rest of the formulas, I do really enjoy them. They are easy to blend, highly pigmented and there is a good range of tones to create a multiple of looks.

Shade Descriptions

  • Diamond: icy champagne with blue reflects
  • Rose quartz: soft neutral mauve
  • Ruby: crimson red
  • Royal jewels: neutral peach
  • Fluorite: icy lavender with a pale green flip
  • Moonstone: silvery taupe with purple and blue sparkle
  • My precious: pale peach
  • Sunstone: fiery orange-y gold
  • Pearl: pale gold
  • Citrine: true mustard yellow
  • Garnet: garnet red
  • Ametrine: dusty mauve purple with golden flecks
  • Peridot: bright chartreuse
  • You’re a gem: burnt terracotta
  • Topaz: bronze glitter with copper flecks
  • Tiger eye: antique bronze
  • Opal: multidimensional silver glitter with multicolored flecks
  • Aquamarine: icy baby blue
  • Geo dude: mid-tone neutral yellow brown
  • Carnelian: burnt orange
  • Stoned: cool deep brown
  • Jasper: red brown
  • Turquoise: true turquoise
  • Onyx: charcoal with silver pearl
  • Emerald: rich emerald
  • Jade: olive green
  • Alexandrite: eggplant
  • Smoky quartz: icy taupe
  • Amethyst: vibrant purple
  • Sapphire: navy blue

My Go to Look Using So Jaded Palette

Instead of showing three looks using the palette, I’m just going to go over the one I’ve created multiple times (with different lip colors) using this palette. I don’t know why but this eyeshadow look just calls to me at the moment. The pictures are after twelve hours of wear so it’s a bit worn, mostly the rest of my makeup has worn away and I have a fresh-ish application of lipstick. The shades that I used are: Diamond, Smoky Quartz, Geo Dude, Stoned, and Jasper.

I start out with using Geo Dude as a base throughout the crease and lids to prime my canvas. Then I take a combination of Stoned and Jasper in my crease and lower lash line. Next I use Smoky Quartz across my entire lid before layering Diamond on top. Next I just use more Jasper to blend the two together and make sure it’s all defused. Sometimes I’ll also add in Pearl to the inner corner of my eye.

Final Thoughts

While I wish ColourPop wouldn’t come out with new products every week as it’s impossible to keep up, the quality of the products doesn’t drop. It’s the one thing I really appreciate about the brand. I’ve been trying to hold myself back from purchasing every release, but I swear most releases just call to me or are unique enough where I want them. Especially this palette since as I said it reminds me of Steven Universe. Not in the shade tones but in the names. As for the tones there are a lot of retro or grungy tones, which is my all time favorite when it comes to makeup.

As for the formula, I’ve never been disappointed by how ColourPop eyeshadows perform. Though I do wish they would stop including pressed glitter shades in their palettes especially the smaller ones. Do I recommend the palette? If you are looking for a new palette, this one is wonderful. You have a variety of neutral tones with pops of color for if you’re feeling more adventurous. Plus for fall, this palette has you covered.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. October 5, 2019 / 12:58 AM

    This palette sounds amazing! I wish the topaz shade wasn’t one of the pressed glitters, just because it’s my birthstone and I never wear glitter haha. But at least there are only 2 in the entire giant palette. I’m so glad to hear that the formula is still great even though they put out releases so quickly!

    The look you created is beautiful. It’s nice to have a go to look for every occasion, you could wear it anywhere!

    Great review! x

    • Mae Polzine
      October 5, 2019 / 2:00 AM

      Yes, a very true statement: 2 out of 30 isn’t that massive in the grand scheme of the palette.

      And thank you! Yeah I’ve been really loving this look or slight variations of it recently for my everyday makeup look.

      ♥ Mae

  2. October 5, 2019 / 4:20 AM

    Very cool looks , and yeah I totally get Steven Universe vibes with the names . Especially love the Garnet color , of course She’s also my favorite gem too .

    • Mae Polzine
      October 5, 2019 / 9:30 AM

      Garnet is best mom.
      ♥ Mae

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