Is Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette Worth the Hype?

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Alright final post of the week on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette. If you missed it I also did a 3-Looks-1-Palette, Compared the Difference Between Eyeshadows and Pressed Pigments, and Every Swatch Imaginable of the palette in my previous posts from this week. So to wrap this Blood Sugar week up, we’re going to dig into the pros and cons of the palette to determine if it is truly worth it. Along with all the hype since this palette is selling out every time it gets restocked and many have called it “Palette of the Year.”

This palette includes eighteen shades with a mixture of eyeshadows and pressed pigments. There are three different formulas in the palette: matte, metallic, and foil. And comes in a large red faux leather finish package with metal clasps. And has the appearance of a first aid kit or a doctor’s brief case to go with the medical theme inside of the palette. And when I said large, I really meant THICCC with three c’s. As it is as thick of two and a half regular eyeshadow palettes. It is filled with reds, pinks, and purple tones along with one row of neutrals.

And honestly there are not a lot of dupes for this palette that don’t involve creating it from scratch using individual shadows and would be more expensive then getting the palette itself. Taking ColourPop individual pressed shadows as an example those cost $5, so by the time you find eighteen dupes it will run you $90 and that doesn’t include anything to store them in. Breaking down this palette for cost, it comes out to the following: 18 full sized shadows that are 1.5 g/ .05 oz each. 18 eyeshadows × 1.5 grams each= 27 grams. $52 ÷ 27 grams= $1.93 per gram. Add in the unique packaging design and you are definitely getting your money’s worth.

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However, it’s not all rainbows. Twelve of the eighteen shadows are considered not eye safe by the FDA as they include dyes to get the pigmentation. I went all over that in my Difference Between Eyeshadows and Pressed Pigments post. Those not eye safe shades include: Prick, Root Canal, Cherry Soda, Cavity, Extraction, Tongue Pop, O Positive, Sugar Cane, Cake Mix, Fresh Meat, Coma, and Sweetner. So basically almost the entire palette. Now you can use them near your eye but they may cause staining (which I have experienced with this palette both with and without a primer). Also if you have allergies to certain dyes, you might have a reaction to it. For how the shades swatch and description of each of the shades, please check out my previous swatching post as I did a deep dive in there.

Though I love the shades included in the palette, some of them are just slight variations of each other. There are two shades in my opinion that are missing from the palette, a bone tone as it’s easier to use to set eyeshadow primer or concealer. As well as a darker color like black or a blackened berry. I love a super deep tone when I am doing looks and this palette doesn’t have it so often I’m dipping into another palette to finish off the look. While the packaging is amazing, I wish it wasn’t as bulky considering a good majority of the packaging is unusable just to create weight. Now I do think cost wise, it’s not overpriced but it is a lot at once for a single palette.

I don’t have issues with blending any of the colors but would recommend to layer versus going in all at once with the pigmentation. Obviously if you have a sensitivity to red dyes, this isn’t the palette for you. But I have nothing negative to say about the quality or performance. So final verdict, I do think it’s a great palette but I also wouldn’t say it’s the best thing in the world that I would reach for none stop. Though I have loved playing with it for the past week, I don’t think it’s the one I would wear every single day due to the staining. I have other reds, purples, and pinks that don’t stain my eyes. I don’t regret getting this palette, but I wouldn’t call it Palette of the Year as many have.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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