Is Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 Worth the Hype?

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a full blown review so excuse me if this is a little messy. But I really want to review this palette as I think it’s so stunning, and something I am honestly shocked not to see before. Tati Beauty is a new brand started by Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru) that is both vegan cruelty free. The first palette they have launched, which sold out right away as well as the pre-order is called Textured Neutrals Volume 1. I managed to get it during the pre-order which was a mini restock of the palette, and I have to ask is it worth the hype? I have not seen a single bad review of this palette, so my expectations of the palette going in were pretty high to say the least.

This palette retails for $48 and includes 24 shades, each broken into six monochromatic color stories that work extremely well together for a variety of looks. It might be a neutral palette but it is not boring. Each of the six color stories come in four finishes, this is the description of each off of their website:

  • Glitter– A unique pressed gel system locks glitters in a cushiony base that glides on smoothly – never feels gritty, for long-lasting wear that won’t flake. Coconut oil adds creaminess and provides an extra glossy shine for extreme sparkle.
  • Metallic– Gloss coated pearls glide effortlessly, creating a luminous metallic sheen that is easy to blend and buildable, for maximum impact.
  • Sequin– Silky smooth, intense pigments with contrasting pearls suspended throughout provide immediate color payoff. Coconut derived skin conditioning ingredients create a comfortable, all-day look.
  • Matte– Luxuriously rich and creamy matte shadows provide true color payoff with superior blending for all over color, shading and lining the eyes. Coconut derived skin conditioning ingredients create a comfortable, all-day look.

It laid out by color story in each column and each row is a different finish. Which as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, is something that I’m surprised there isn’t more of in the cosmetics industry. It makes it visually easy to know what you’re working with. You can also use just one column to create a look or dip between a few different ones. I find it so inspiring to look at, which is something I haven’t been able to say about palettes for a while. A major reason I stopped doing reviews enough truth be told, I’m still collecting almost every single ColourPop palette even though I’m supposed to be on a no buy. The Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals was supposed to be my one expectation.

And here is the break down of each shade in the palette:

  • Memory is your smoky black story in the palette
    • Memory Glitter- multi-dimensional smoky charcoal
    • Memory Metallic- gunmetal with silvery shimmer
    • Memory Sequin-carbon black with multi-colored pin points
    • Memory Matte- carbon black
  • Ritual is a rich chocolate story
    • Ritual Glitter- multi-dimensional warm bronze
    • Ritual Metallic- chocolate bronze shimmer
    • Ritual Sequin- warm brown with gold pin points
    • Ritual Matte- rich chocolate
  • Story is the burnt orange story
    • Story Glitter- multi-dimensional burnt orange
    • Story Metallic- bright nectarine with gold shimmer
    • Story Sequin- burnt orange with gold pin points
    • Story Matte- burnt orange
  • Soothe is the camel story of the palette
    • Soothe Glitter- multi-dimensional champagne gold
    • Soothe Metallic- warm champagne gold shimmer
    • Soothe Sequin- camel with gold pin points
    • Soothe Matte- camel
  • Aura is your vanilla or bone story
    • Aura Glitter- multi-colored frosted champagne
    • Aura Metallic- champagne shimmer
    • Aura Sequin- vanilla with fuchsia pin points
    • Aura Matte- vanilla
  • Poet is the gorgeous cranberry story.
    • Poet Glitter- multi-dimensional frosted raspberry
    • Poet Metallic- soft ruby shimmer
    • Poet Sequin- cranberry with blue pin points
    • Poet Matte- cranberry 

I think it’s really interesting that they used Coconut as one of the key ingredients of the shadows. And I don’t know how they managed to do it, but the glitter is the first palette that has included on that I don’t immediately hate. For starters, the glitter sticks to your lids and when you apply it with your finger instead of just staying on your finger. It also isn’t chunky or clump weird, which is not something I can say about other formulas. So weirdly enough, I approve the glitter. I’m shocked to say that.

The metallic formula applies the best when you use your finger, as on brushes it doesn’t apply the best unless you wet your brush. Which is typical of metallic shade and normally I use that method for application of these types of shadows. As for the other two formulas, they apply like a dream. They blend easily, and can really be built up. Or you can go full pigment right away. Though I wouldn’t recommend that for the black shade (Memory). I also experienced little to no kick back or fall out when working with any of the shades.

Moving onto the packaging, it feels luxurious. It’s also cardboard which is great for the environment compared to plastic, though I’m not planning on parting with this palette anytime soon. Honestly, this might just be my new go-to palette, we shall see. I tend to bounce around in my collection doing something different every day, but I’m beyond in love with the formula that I might just keep this one in the main rotation.

Continuing on with packaging… There’s a solid weight to it and a massive mirror on the inside. Even though $48 is really up there in price point for a palette, I would actually say this palette is worth it. The reviews and the hype isn’t wrong. It’s an amazing palette and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

Here’s one of the looks I’ve created so far with the palette. I’m going to do a three looks one palette in the future using this palette but to prevent this post from being a full length novel, I’m going to limit it to just this one look.

I used a combination of Aura, Soothe, and Ritual in each of the finishes to create this look. Then finished it off with some brown liquid liner (Grande by ColourPop), mascara (Essence Volume Stylist Curl & Hold Mascara), and liquid lipstick (ColourPop Ultra Matte in Take a Pixie).


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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