Is Urban Decay Brow Blade Worth the Hype?

One product that has been mentioned almost everywhere since release is the Urban Decay Brow Blade. This product has two sides, one is a waterproof pencil while the other is a fine brush tip to help give that microblading appearance to your brows. I’ve never really had the best luck with pencil brow products except for the Milani Brow Pomade as they were all too hard and ended up pulling out my brow hairs rather than depositing any product. So I was a little cautious about trying this product, but both of my brow pencils ran out and one of my brow pomades dried up without hope of revival. So I thought I would give this product a shot since so many people were raving about it.

The brow blade comes in 7 shades with 0.01 oz of product for $26, the shades are the following:

  • Gingersnap (auburn redheads)
  • Taupe Trap (universally flattering taupe)
  • Brown Sugar (Soft Medium Brown)
  • Café Kitty (warm medium brown)
  • Brunette Betty (warm brown)
  • Neutral Nana (neutral brown)
  • Dark Drapes (dark brown)

At the time I purchased this, most shades were out of stock and I still had my natural hair color at the time instead of the merlot color. So I ended up getting Brown Sugar which is a bit light for my taste with my current hair color. I would much prefer something deeper like Dark Drapes, the dark brown shade. However, mismatch tone aside I really like the brow blade. The brush tip side is long lasting due to the ink stain properties and allows you to create precise, hair-like strokes. Plus it’s darker so if I go ham on this side I get that darkness I’m looking for in my brows. The other side is the pencil, which as I mentioned I was a little cautious to try. But I find the formula very similar to that of the Milani Brow Pomade, though not exact. It’s creamy and waterproof, so it applies nicely without pulling out any of my brow hairs. Plus it’s retractable so you don’t need to sharpen it over time. And I have yet to experience the product breaking as I apply or roll out product as the ColourPop brow pencil tends to do.

Have you tried the Urban Decay Brow Blade, if so what are your thoughts on it?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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