Is Urban Decay Cruelty Free?

For today's Is (BLANK) Cruelty Free? We're going to be going over Urban Decay. Personally I love their products and a lot of them are some of my "ride or die" ones. Including the Afterglow Highlighters, Naked Palettes, Makeup Remover and All Nighter Setting Spray. I want to try from more of their products in the future including their foundations as I have not tried those yet. So let's go over Urban Decay animal testing policy and determine if they are cruelty free or not. Spoiler, they are.

The criteria I use to determine if a brand is cruelty free are the following:

  • Don't test finished products or ingredients on animals.
  • Don't have suppliers who test on animals.
  • Don't allow any third parties to test on animals on their behalf.
  • Don't sell cosmetics in physical store in mainland China.
  • Don't test on animals where required by law.

Animal Testing Policy

ANIMAL TESTING POLICY: Urban Decay is a cruelty-free brand and is committed to ending animal testing. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we allow others to test on our behalf. Additionally, we require our suppliers to certify that the raw materials used in the manufacture of our products are not tested on animals. Our Brand is certified by PETA as cruelty-free.

VEGAN PRODUCTS: Urban Decay certifies that our products marked vegan do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Please note that within a product category, such as Eyeshadows, some shades will be marked as vegan, and others will not. We have an ongoing initiative with our laboratories to not only create shades (and entire product lines) that are vegan from the start, but also to identify which of our non-vegan products can be converted. In many situations, plant-derived or synthetic alternatives to animal-derived ingredients become available. As long as we can deliver the same high-quality products with rich color and texture, we will convert that product to 100% vegan ingredients, so be on the lookout for new offerings.
— Urban Decay

At A Glance

  • Finished products tested on animals: No
  • Ingredients tested on animals: No
  • Third party animal testing: No
  • Tested on animals where required by law: No
  • Sold in mainland China: No
  • Certifications: PETA
  • Parent company: L'Oreal
  • Parent company status: Not Cruelty Free

Bottom Line

Urban Decay is cruelty free and is listed on the cruelty-free guides. You can find their products in many locations including Sephora and Ulta.