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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Family Collection Review & Swatches


I love Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I reach for this formula almost every single day. With my ColourPop liquid lipsticks mixed in, but for the most part I only wear the Jeffree Star formula as it just works better on my lips. This collection is named after every member in their family and on the inside of the collection packaging is a picture of all of them and their signatures. This collection is cruelty free and vegan like all of Jeffree Star Cosmetics products. I did not get the Skin Frost (highlighter) named Neffree but I do want to get that at some point in the future. Hopefully it will still be available. I just didn’t have room in the budget for that as well. You can get each of these shades individually for $18 or all together for $75.


This shade is a dark, brick red. Unlike every other shades, this one is not directly “named” after any of the Star members as Jeffree Star Cosmetics already has a shade called Jeffree. So this one is a nickname that Nathan calls Jeffree. I seriously love this shade and will probably end up reaching for it all autumn/winter long.


I have a feeling like Wifey, I will be living in this shade. At first I wasn’t 100% sure I would, but honestly I can now see myself living in this shade. Which is a terra-cotta nude. And I can totally see this shade going really well with a smokey eye.


A pink with soft gold metallic shift named after Jeffree Star’s first dog. Diva is a caramel color but has been dyed multiple times to have a pink coat, which is way he had this shade named after him. I typically don’t reach for pink or metallic shades but I can see myself reaching for this one a very monochrome pink look.


Which shade is named after their second dog, Diamond, who was at one point this color. Which is a nice periwinkle shade, though I did find this shade to be a little streaky/patchy even with multiple layers. I would probably not wear this on my lips as it makes me teeth very yellow looking, but I can see it has an awesome eyeliner or colorful mascara for advant garde looks.


I am living for this shade. It’s a gorgeous deep, grey based mauve named after their 3rd pomeranian named Delicious. Who apparently was this shade before the puppy uglies where he got a pure black fur coat.

Baby Daddy

Named after their last and youngest Pomeranian who they got after Manny Mua and Jeffree Star had developed and named their collaboration shade with the name Daddy. So they named this warm, soft taupey nude Baby Daddy for their wolf sable pom pup. I’m not sure how I feel about this lip shade on my skin tone but I can totally see it in an ombre with the original Daddy shade or with Delicious.

What do you think of the shades?


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