Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Summer Collection Review & Swatches

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When Jeffree Star announced his summer collection for 2018, I was torn. I have been going through my collection and got away around 40% of my liquid lipsticks. And a good percentage of my eyeshadow palettes (I didn’t compare it before and after) to save space while I’m planning on moving. But after a few weeks of its release, I couldn’t help myself I had to get it. And this is the first time I’ve actually purchased one of their palettes, though I’ve had the others on my wish list for a while.

All of the packaging is a vibrant orange with little rain drop textures overtop. The Thirsty Palette also includes a Popsicle design with a wood grain appearance on the inside.

Thirsty Palette

This palette includes 15 shadows including 10 mattes and 5 blinding ultra-metallics. Also he tried to formulate this palette specifically to have minimum fallout with an array of bright colorful and neutrals. The palette itself is $48 and each shade has 0.069 oz or 1.95 g. Since the palette is vegan three of the shades are considered not suitable for the immediate eye area those being: Taste Buds, Biiiitch!, and Splash. This is why it’s considered a pressed pigment palette rather than a pressed shadow palette, since it’s up to the customer to listen or ignore the warning about the shades that may stain the eye or cause irritation due to the dye.

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Now this is the first time I’ve tried Jeffree Star’s eyeshadow formula so looking at the ingredients I do find it interesting that a good majority of the shades have the first ingredient being Talc which is known for being more chalky. While the new formula of the ultra-metallics is either mica or polyethylene terephthalate. Now a lot of brands use talc including ColourPop and Urban Decay, while others like Anastasia Beverly Hills does not (at least not in Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam Palette as those are the ones I looked into for comparison). I’ve just been getting more interested in formulas and ingredients as I’ve been debating on testing the waters myself with making my own makeup (not to sell to others at the moment) and have been doing a lot of research into the subject. So I was really curious to test out this formula from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

The first time I used the palette, I took the Lick across my lid using my fingers and while I noticed pigment on my finger almost nothing transferred to my lids. Which made me really nervous that I destroyed the product by causing it to seal into the pan. On that use, I only had concealer down on my lid that was set with the shade Parched. Now just because it wasn’t pigmented, did not mean I could build it up and it did last the entire day. But I’m positive it wasn’t performing right, so I wasn’t going to give up on the shade since I spent a good amount of money on the palette. When I got home after wearing the shades all day I decided to do some experiments with the ultra-metallic pigments. Here are my results:

Jeffree Star Lick UltraMetallic Pigment

  1. Applied over bare skin with a finger: Barely any pigmentation.
  2. Applied over bare skin with a brush: More pigmentation with a brush, needs to be built up.
  3. Applied over primer (NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone) with a brush: A little pigmentation more just the glitter with the base coming through than the shade itself.
  4. Applied over glitter base with a brush:  Stunning pigmentation!

Lesson learned, use a glitter primer and a brush to get the full pigmentation out of the shadow. As I said, it can be done you just have to find the right combination. So I need to remember that when I use these shadows since typically I apply these type of pigments with my finger, but that doesn’t work with this formula. For the swatches below, the ultra-metallic shades are over a glitter base.

Pressed Pigments/Shadows in the palette:

  • Parched: matte fair beige
  • Tastebuds: matte baby coral
  • Biiiitch!: matte flamingo pink
  • Kumquat: matte bright orange
  • Stroke: matte terracotta
  • Divine: metallic silver
  • Filthy Rich: metallic gold
  • Lick: metallic topaz
  • Snatch: metallic pink champagne
  • Plunge: metallic copper
  • Subtle: medium cool-toned brown
  • Quench: matte bright yellow
  • Submerge: matte bright blue
  • Splash: matte aquamarine
  • Drizzle: matte warm chocolate brown

Jeffree Star Thirsty Row 1 Swatch.jpg

Jeffree Star Ultra Metallic Pigment.jpg

Jeffree Star Thirsty Row 3 Swatch.jpg

Velour Liquid Lipstick

In the summer 2018 collection, there are eight new limited edition velour liquid lipsticks that range from everyday nudes to reds to bold metallics. Each are available for $18 and contain 0.19 fl oz or 5.6 ml, or you can get all eight together for $105. All of them are also paraben and gluten free.

Shades in the collection:

  • Cherry Wet: Vibrant red/pink.
  • Fudge Pop: Warm-toned metallic brown with glitter reflects.
  • Huntington Beach: Bright teal.
  • Thirst Trap: Metallic beige champagne.
  • (818): Bright pink/coral.
  • Yummy: Burnt orange with a subtle glitter.
  • Coral Fixation: Vibrant Coral.
  • Soft Serve: Peachy nude.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Velour Liquid Lipstick.jpg

Jeffree Star Summer 2018 Velour Liquid Lipstick Swatches.jpg

Overall Thoughts

The Thirsty Palette is really nice but make sure you don’t use the metallic shadows with your fingers or you won’t have any pigmentation with the shadows. Otherwise, they look wonderful on the eyes and will last all day long. Comparing the shade Splash to Kiki from the Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag palette, it is so much easier to work with since it’s hella pigmented. And I love that… I still don’t know how to use it in a look, but it’s more what I was expecting from that shadow from the palette. And that gets major points from me. As for the velour liquid lipsticks, I’m probably only going to be wearing Soft Serve and Cherry Wet on the lips but the rest will be used for my eyes as shadow or liner. Or for any fun looks and Instagram photos… but not on the regular basis as coral and orange does not look good at me at all. If you’ve tried this collection, what are your thoughts? If not, would you get any item from it in particular?

Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette Look 1

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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