Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Summer Collection

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So I’ve done one of these in the past and it’s still one of the most viewed articles/videos I’ve done. I got more velour liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star when the entire limited edition collection was on discount. I got the last three shades that I did not get while I was at Warp Tour, but figured I would do the collection collectively though I have already shown two of the shades in my previous article. I really love his liquid lipsticks and someday I hope I have them all as well as his lip scrubs, eyeshadow palettes, skin frosts, and lip ammunitions that are launching in September. When I get those, I will most likely do a post on them as well.

The new shades that I got where: Queen Bee, Virginity, and Watermelon Soda. The shades that I had previously were (714) and Nude Beach. (714) is also not exclusively from the summer collection but was brought back from the archive for it. It is also the only shade in this collection that does not have the watermelon jolly rancher scent as that apparently messed with the formula of the shade.


Queen Bee


Watermelon Soda


Nude Beach

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