July 2017 Monthly Goals

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June both flew by and crawled at the same time. My depression was insanely bad and I did not leave the house. Overall, I’m really happy with myself that I somehow managed to keep up with the vast majority of my goals despite my depression. Sure a few things fell flat but in the end I feel like those items were just out of my hand. Either by nature or other external reasons.

June Goals Revisited

  • Stream weekly on Twitch. Though it wasn’t weekly, I did stream a few times during the week.
  • Go for walks daily with Pixie. The weather didn’t agree with this goal, it was either way too hot to take Pixie outside or was pouring rain which she won’t go in.
  • Reach 300 followers on Instagram. Didn’t quite hit 300 but I’m insanely proud of my Instagram feed at the moment. Plus I haven’t missed a single day yet in the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge.
  • Take and pass the Microsoft CRM Certification Exam. I took the exam, but since the course I took was for 2003 not 2016 there were apparently I lot of things that changed so I didn’t pass. But I’m going to get the study material for 2016 and then retake it.
  • Start the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge on Instagram. As I previously mentioned, I have started this challenge and have yet to miss a date.
  • Create a special page for newsletter subscribers that will be filled with free products and other things only available to the Bugsy Newsletter Pack Members! So make sure you’re subscribed if you want access to that once it’s fully built out. The page is almost ready, I just want to add a few more items and then this will be released within the next week or two. So if you want access to this page, make sure to sign up for my newsletter.
  • Paint at least one new painting and change two paintings to match the same theme. It’s my rib cage filled with flowers and heart that I think I’ve shown before somewhere. I want a skull as well so I’m just going to touch up those two paintings and make the third to make a complete set. I have painting two paintings this month. And still need to paint one more to finish the Life Through Death series.

July Goals

  • Finish the Life Through Death painting series.
  • Get the 2016 Microsoft CRM material and study my butt off.
  • Launch the Bugsy Newsletter exclusive page. If you want updates and access to this page, sign up for my newsletter!
  • Keep up with the 100 Days of Makeup challenge.
  • Start saving up to update furniture to stop being a bed on the floor and bulky furniture I’ve had since I was three.
  • Make myself a dentist and doctor appointment… it’s been too long since I went to either.

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