June 2017 Goals

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May flew by to begin with then slowed down to a crawl for me towards the end. And to cap it off I had a spiral back into a depression/anxiety ridden phase of my bipolar disorder which was just the perfect touch to everything. This month for goals, I’m limiting the number of goals only because the goals that I do have for this month are huge.

May Goals Revisited

  • Organize my bookshelf in the office. I have reorganized my bookshelf in my office and I’m in love with how it turned out. It also motivated me to move my makeup collection from my bedroom to my bathroom as every day I was grabbing products then walking back and forth.
  • Reach 1500 RSS Subscribers. I need to do a giveway for this so that’s going to be coming up in a few days. As we have reached 1508 Bugsy members according to my analytics from SquareSpace.
  • Stream once a week on Twitch (goal is Thursdays at 6:00 PM CST… and I may change all my gaming videos to go up at this time as well). With studying CRM I have not had time to stream.
  • Read two books.
  • Make another photo pack for the shop page. I am still working on my next photo pack.
  • Completely pay off at least one credit card so I have less monthly bills going forward. Yeah… this didn’t happen but I am really close to paying it off. So hopefully this month.
  • Post at least every three days on Instagram. I did manage to complete this and I’ve been loving my feed lately, and think my photography skills have improved.
  • Get my Microsoft CRM Certification. I completed the course for this, but I’m still trying to figure out with my managers gow to sign up for the exam. They weren’t exactly sure and we’re supposed to get back to me on this.
  • Go for a walk daily with Pixie now that I don’t work two jobs every single day. I have been taking Pixie for walks more frequently, but it hasn’t been every day.
  • Complete at least three house chores weekly. I have been getting better at doing chores but I could still improve.

June Goals

  • Stream weekly on Twitch.
  • Go for walks daily with Pixie.
  • Reach 300 followers on Instagram.
  • Take and pass the Microsoft CRM Certification Exam.
  • Start the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge on Instagram.
  • Create a special page for newsletter subscribers that will be filled with free products and other things only available to the Bugsy Newsletter Pack Members! So make sure you’re subscribed if you want access to that once it’s fully built out.
  • Paint at least one new painting and change two paintings to match the same theme. It’s my rib cage filled with flowers and heart that I think I’ve shown before somewhere. I want a skull as well so I’m just going to touch up those two paintings and make the third to make a complete set.

What are your goals for the month of June?

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