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Juvia’s Place The Douce Palette Review & Swatches


The next palette by Juvia’s Place that I had to try was The Douce Eyeshadow Palette. Every shade is named after some type of dessert, and I have a donuts hoodie along with the Clarice wig from Bellami x Glam & Gore so all weekend long I was wearing the two together. ‘Cause who only wears a hoodie once before washing it? Anyways I thought it all went together super well and I felt like a pastel goddess.

Shade Descriptions



If you swirl your brush in the palette, there is a bit of kickback in the pan but there are no issues applying to the lids so I don’t mind that too much. But I do notice this especially when doing the brush swatches.

Finger Swatches

Brush Swatches using a Morphe Buffer Brush

Final Thoughts

Like other Juvia’s Place palettes this one costs $20 with a large 9-pan palette. This palette as I mentioned is dessert inspired and pastel dream. The shadows are pigmented but they are very muted, so if you aren’t used to wearing a lot of color you could totally play around with this palette and not feel overwhelmed. There are also enough matte and metallic tones in here where you could just do a straight up neutral look. The formula is the same as all of the other palettes that I have tried thus far. One more thing to note, I’m not sure if I’m just failing at removing my eyeshadow with my makeup wipes, but my lids do look slightly stained from the pink tones. But considering it’s vegan, I will give it a pass since the only way to get red and pink tones that are vegan involve dyes. And since it’s pastel, I hardly notice it afterwards.

Macarons, Tart, and Puffs remind me of shades from the Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade palette. And Custard I believe might be similar to one of the ones in their palettes as well. I have not swatched them next to each other so I don’t know how true that is, but they do make me think of those shades. So if you have those palettes, you could skip on this one. But overall, even though I already have similar shades in my collection I love this palette and how it’s paired together so I would keep reaching for this palette.

What’s your favorite Juvia’s palette?

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